Saturday, March 7, 2015

How Brock Lesnar Should Have Been Booked

Brock Lesnar is the greatest thing to happen to wrestling since Hulk Hogan! There I said it. The kind of shock and excitment that came from seeing Hulk Hogan bodyslam Andre The Giant was not felt again until Brock Lesnar showed up and started picking up The Big Show like he was a cruiserweight. It was not only impressive it was unheard of. Kevin Nash had tried and failed. Goldberg had managed to lift him but not in the way Brock Lesnar just made it look easy. Not a bodyslam, but German suplexes, a super-plex off the top rope that shattered the ring below, and of course F-5s! 

When Lesnar debuted after Wrestlemania 18 he became an instant main event attraction that could sell out arenas and seemed to be the future of wrestling. By Wrestlemania 19 he was in the main event and the WWE Champion for the second time that year. How impressive is that. But by Wrestlemania 20 it was all over. Lesnar lost to Goldberg and left the WWE seemingly for the NFL. It was the worst thing I could have imagined. Then I saw his replacement, a decade of John Cena. I'm honestly surprised the WWE is still in business. Its a good thing they eliminated all of their competetion before they started that Cena shit! 

A decade after Lesnar disappeared he shocked the world by returning. And big shock, the first guy he attacked was John Cena. The first match he had was with John Cena. Pretty much every match he has had in the past two years since his return have been against John Cena. In my opinion, Lesnar should have just destroyed Cena instantly upon his return and moved on to better competition. There are so many dream matches us fans have missed out on in the past decade we would love to see, but the WWE doesn't seem interested in giving us what we want. Luckily, some matchs are just too good to resist and they just had to happen. 

Brock Lesnar had to have a feud with Triple H when he came back since they missed their chance in his first run... Lesnar was the Champion on Smackdown and Triple H was the Champion on Raw. 

Brock had to have another match with the Big Show obviously. But I thought their long await return match was the worst one they ever had. Lesnar did not do anything impressive in that match, just beat up the Big Show with chairs. 

But the biggest moment we all wanted to see was a rematch between the Undertaker and Lesnar... only this time we all wanted to see it at Wrestlemania. Could the streak survive the Beast? We all found out it couldn't! Lesnar ended the Undertaker's streak and proved he was no longer the 'next big thing' now he was what he always should have been... 'the one'!

Being a Paul Heyman guy, and the fact that CM Punk was the biggest name in wrestling at the time, a match between Punk and Lesnar was inevitable. But it was wasted and underused in my opinion. This should be the number one feud in pro wrestling still, and should have been for the past year at least! If Punk was being used properly he never would have left the WWE. The way to use him would be to have him in the main events, fighting for the WWE Championship, and in a fued with Lesnar when he works and with the other top guys when Lesnar is on vacation. But the WWE did not want Punk so he left and now Lesnar is without the best competetion he could have. 

In Lesnar's first year back I would have had him defeat Cena in their first match. I would have had him destroy Triple H worse than he did. I get that these are big stars and they want to save face, but its not believeable for Lesnar to struggle with some of these guys. I would have had Lesnar destroy the biggest monsters in the WWE today. I would have had Lesnar end a few big careers, the Great Kahli, Mark Henry, Kane to set up the Undertaker feud, and any other big guys like that they could aford to lose. Obviously the biggest pay off with this would be another huge defeat over the Big Show. The Triple H feud would be huge, but the biggest moment of that year was defeating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and ending his streak. That was the key to it all. So atleast they got that part right. 

The following year, this past year, was when it all needed to happen. Lesnar needed to become the top guy. After ending the Undertaker's streak how could he not be the number one guy in the WWE? He would have destroyed every big monster that could stand in his way. Now the table would be set to feud with the biggest stars in the past decade and have the dream matches fans would love. Lesnar works a limited number of dates, only a couple PPVs and no TV inbetween unless its nessessary. So its hard to picture him having a run as Champion since he has to defend the title every 30 days. I think breaking that rule was a stupid move on the part of the WWE. Here is how I would have done it. 

At SummerSlam Brock Lesnar challenges John Cena for the WWE Championship. That was the match I was more excited to see than anything all year. I could not picture Cena winning that much, but I didn't see how Lesnar could have the belt working part time. But best case senario I saw him winning the belt and just being stripped of the title 30 days later. And here is how I would have done it. 

Brock Lesnar destroys Cena just like he did at SummerSlam, only in my version the referee steps in to stop the match to save Cena's life, which I honestly thought he might do the way Lesnar was suplexing him. I thought it would be historic, the WWE Championship would change hands because of a referees decision. It would be argued and debated all month after that match. Cena could say he never lost the match or the title, that he was never pinned and he never submitted. Lesnar could say if the referee didn't stop him he would have ended Cena's career. It leaves the ending open and unsure, what would have happened if the referee didn't stop the match, who would have won, was Cena screwed or did it save him? NXT just did that ending with Kevin Owens defeating Sami Zahn for the NXT Championship. 

Obviously, this decision would need a resolution. There would have to be a rematch to settle this. It would be the most anticipated rematch in history. This would need to happen on the next PPV, and they did have a rematch on the next PPV, it just sucked. Cena won the match, but Seth Rollins cost him the title. Making it look like Cena was better than Lesnar, therefore Cena could have ended the Undertaker's streak. Bullshit. Lesnar needed to destroy Cena in that match once and for all ending their feud forever leaving now questions unanswered. I would have had the authority Triple H order the referee under no cercomstances to stop the match, only by pinfal or submission. Therefore, its a No DQ match, anything goes, a fight to the finish. To make matters worse, I would have Lesnar tell Cena that he was not going to go for a pin. Lesnar would promise to make Cena tap out and submit... Cena's slogan is 'never give up' Lesnar and Heyman would say they were going to make Cena give up once and for all. And that is exactly what would happen. Brock Lesnar would make John Cena tap out in the middle of the ring. I would assume with his new arm lock, but I would love to see him use his old leg lock where he basically hangs the guy upsidedown with his leg around his shoulders. But either way, the point is its a submission hold, so intense Cena has to tap out because the referee cannot stop the match for him until he does. Cena could hold out so long Lesnar breaks his arm just like he did to Triple H and Shawn Micheals, that would save face for Cena, and write him out of the story afterwards. 

This is where things get interesting. Brock Lesnar went on a long vacation after this and took a few months off. No title defence. This was bullshit. I'm happy he won the belt but we can't just not have a Champion for three months and three PPVs. I would have had the Authority strip Brock Lesnar of the title. Heyman would swear payback against the Authroity who would use this opporinity to crown Randy Orton the 'face of the WWE' their new WWE Champion. Either a battle royal or king of the ring tourament to give him the belt at the next PPV. Maybe a fatal fourway match or even an Elimination Chamber match with all the top main event stars in the company. Randy Orton would win and go on his hottest winning streak of his career. Over the next three months while Lesnar is gone, and Cena was hurt, and pressumably while Punk was gone, Orton would be the new king. Lets see Orton win big matches hes never had before. Defeat Triple H, John Cena, the Big Show, Kane, maybe even give some new faces a chance Dolph Ziggler, Ryback etc. Orton could carry the main event for a couple months. 

The pay off for all of this would be Lesnar's return. When Randy Orton is standing in the ring victorious in the main event of Monday Night Raw, holding up his WWE Championship belt, celebrating with all of the Authority in the ring... Brock Lesnar's music would hit, he would be led out on the stage by Paul Heyman, and most important Lesnar would be holding his WWE Championship belt that he never lost! Heyman would declair that Lesnar is still the Champion, that he was never defeated, and that he promised the Authroity he would be back for his revenge on them for naming a new Champion. Triple H would have no choice but to book the main event for that next PPV, I believe it was Survivor Series when Lesnar finally returned, to be Champion vs Champion, the current WWE Champion, the face of the WWE, Randy Orton, vs the former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. This could be the biggest match of the year. Orton vs Lesnar is a match that needs to happen!

What I just can't decide is who should win that match. After defeating the Undertaker and destroying Cena twice, it seems to predictable that Lesnar would destroy Orton and win back the title. But if you want to shock the world you could have Orton win that match. It would make Orton actually the face of the WWE as the number one guy, something he has never actually been. But it might be too much and it might disapoint the fans too much. But I can picture that finish in my mind right now... Lesnar was Orton just dead but he just keeps kicking out some how, he won't die. Lesnar is going for the pin, not the submission this time around, I want to change it up each time around here. Lesnar would pick up Orton's seemingly lifeless body for another F-5, only this time when Lesnar spins Orton's body over his head, somehow Orton just hooks onto Lesnars head and pulls him down into an RKO... from an F-5! It would shock the world, and get the biggest pop a surprise RKO has ever received! If Orton rolled over and drapped his arm over Lesnar and got the three-count the fans would be in shock! 

This could be the end of the Lesnar run as WWE Champion and pass the torch from Lesnar officially to Randy Orton who could hold the belt full time, while Lesnar makes appearances at the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Or it could set up rematches for Lesnar to win the title back. Personally I would love to see Lesnar inside an Elimination Chamber more than at the Royal Rumble PPV. But they could also have that match at any PPV all year. 

Just imagine if they locked the chamber doors, in one chamber there is John Cena, in another chamber Randy Orton, in another chamber Triple H, in the last chamber Brock Lesnar... and imagine if the two starting the match were Daniel Bryan and CM Punk! 

If Brock Lesnar won the belt at Survivor Series, which he could, then he would have to be stripped of the title again when he failed to defend it within 30 days. I'm not against this idea because it gives Lesnar multiple title reigns to add to his career, which he is in short supply of in comparison to wrestlers that took his place over the past decade, like John Cena and Edge (Edge was given way too many title reigns, in a couple years he stole 11 Championships). Brock Lesnar needs as many as he can get, he should have more than anyone. So stripping him of the title after he won it from Cena gives him the opportunity to win it again at Survivor Series, and stripping him of the title again would allow him a third chance to win the title that year at the Royal Rumble. That would be exciting. I just worry its repetitive, but its what would be needed to keep that 30 day rule in effect. 

There are too many variables to consider throughout the year. If CM Punk was still in the WWE obviously he would be in the main event and would win the WWE Championship at some point in the year. Daniel Bryan was out with in injury and had to surrender his WWE Championship after Wrestlemania, so once he returned he would be going into the main event picture again. Randy Orton disappeared for several months basically after Survivor Series, so he might be out of the picture. It doesn't seem like the WWE wants John Cena in the main event anymore so perhaps he's out. If I had my way Brock Lesnar would defend the title every month, but that doesn't seem to be an option. 

The ultimate end result in my opinion would be to have Lesnar face those main event stars. John Cena was already taken care of, and the Orton feud could be finished with Lesnar defeating Orton to regain his WWE Championship, leaving it open for another opponent. I think the second best match of the year would be Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar so I would want that match at the Royal Rumble, leaving the best match for Wrestlemania which would be Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk! 

So the main event of the Royal Rumble should be Brock Lesnar defending the WWE Championship against the man that never lost the title after Wrestlemania Daniel Bryan. This match would have to settle once and for all who the undisputed WWE Champion really is. I would have Brock Lesnar win that match and go into Wrestlemania as champion. Meanwhile I would have CM Punk win the Royal Rumble to earn his title shot against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. 

I think the Wrestlemania main event of CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship could be the biggest match in Wrestlemania history. Both are Paul Heyman guys, but Punk and Heyman split and Heyman would be with Lesnar. Heyman typically goes with the gold. Both men also faced the Undertaker at Wrestlemania the two previous years, first Punk lost to the Undertaker, then Lesnar defeated the Undertaker. It just seems like a perfect match up. The match itself would be amazing. Lesnar already has a previous victory over Punk, so it seems predictable who will win, plus Lesnar has been unbeatalbe all year, so Punk is the underdog. But underdogs win at Wrestlemania! When Lesnar has Punk finally defeated in the middle of the ring, ready for the pin and the victory... the lights would all go out, the gong sound would hit, the audience would go crazy, when the lights came on the Undertaker would be standing in the ring and would be face to face with Lesnar ready for revenge for the previous year when Lesnar ended his streak. I'm even thinking there could be a second twist, should Heyman screw Lesnar over and go back with Punk? Its presumbed that Heyman is going to screw over Lesnar to help Roman Reigns so I could see that happening. Perhaps Lesnar has the match won, but its Heyman that pulls the referee out of the ring stopping the three count, knocks out the referee, then Lesnar goes after Heyman, and that is when the lights go out! The Undertaker, CM Punk, and Paul Heyman all work together to take down the unstoppable Brock Lesnar! 

Another ending is that the Authority all come together to stop Lesnar. Could Wrestlemania end with Punk joining the Authority??

I think that storyline would be epic. But it seems like Punk vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania would just be a fantasy. 

In that case I would make the Brock Lesnar Daniel Bryan match at Wrestlemania instead of the Royal Rumble. Or I would consider the rematch with Randy Orton. The best way I see it going requires and extra Lesnar PPV match. At Survivor Series Lesnar defeats Orton to win the WWE Championship. Afterwards he could be stripped of the title yet again. I would want to see Lesnar win the title back at the Royal Rumble, defend it in the Elimination Chamber (which they should have had this year) and then again at Wrestlemania. But since I don't think adding extra dates would be an option I would skip the Rumble and save Lesnar for the Elimination Chamber!

Imagine this, Lesnar defeats Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. But afterwards, with Orton injured and Lesnar on vacation, Triple H just decides to appoint himself the new WWE Champion! He could have a tournament or battle royal, the authroity members would all help him win of course, Kane and Big Show. Now the King of Kings is the WWE Champion again. I think it would outrage the fans. The Authority would turn their backs on Randy Orton, he failed them. Seth Rollins is their new future. With Cena, Orton and Lesnar out of the way Triple H could be the star again. He could even have matches defeating Cena and Orton as champion. Then at the Royal Rumble Daniel Bryan could return to challenge Triple H for the WWE Championship. A Wrestlemania rematch. 

Or we save that match for the Chamber as well. The Elimination Chamber PPV in my opinion is more exciting than the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania! Maybe that is why they cancelled it this year. 

I would rather see Daniel Bryan return to win the Royal Rumble since CM Punk won't be there to do it. That gives Daniel Bryan a return match for the WWE Championship that he never lost. The next night on Raw when Daniel Bryan is in the ring talking about winning back the title he never lost I would have Paul Heyman bring out Brock Lesnar to get in the ring and say he wants a chance to win back the title he never lost. Its only fair he should also get a title shot. That is when Randy Orton could return and walk out saying he wants a chance to get back at the Authority that screwed him over and turn their backs on him, he wants a title shot with Triple H. John Cena would come out next saying he is tired of being punished by the Authority, he deserves a main event title shot, he thinks he's earned it. Triple H would have challengers coming out of every direction. The only option left would be to face them all in the Elimination Chamber or have them all fight in the Elimination Chamber and the winner goes to Wrestlemania. 

The storyline could be that Triple H lost his power and control in the WWE, Sting of course causing him to lose that power so he was not able to book himself in a match he could win anymore, setting up a feud with Sting.

At the Elimination Chamber PPV, Triple H could be forced to defend his WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, John Cena and one more. (Too bad that couldn't be CM Punk). There are so many wrestlers I would love to see get that last spot, Sting top of that list. Rob Van Dam. Dolph Ziggler. Maybe even Ryback. If only they could bring back Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy. No matter who the sixth guy is, this would be the match of the decade. Triple H might be able to sneak Kane or the Big Show into the match to help him. Why not make it the Undertaker. 

Daniel Bryan could sit out and save his shot for Wrestlemania, but I think he wouldn't want to wait. But that might be too big to waste. So have him at the announce table for the match, scouting his opponent for Wrestlemania. Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Kane vs Big Show vs Triple H for the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber. And I would have Brock Lesnar destroy all of them! Kane would just get destroyed, smashed through the glass chamber, defeated and carried out on a stretcher. Triple H would be in trouble. Big Show would be the only one left to save Triple H, but while Triple H is locked in a chamber waiting to come out, the other three would turn on Big Show... first he would get hit with an RKO, then an Attitude Adjustment, and finally an F-5... Lesnar would pin the Big Show and eliminate him just like he did Kane. Triple H would wind up being locked in a cage with the three wrestlers he screwed over. 

They would all have fun torturing Triple H, but its inevitable that they would turn on each other. I could see Orton being the first to stab the others in the back. But it should probably be Lesnar that controls everything and he should be the one that turns on everyone. Could Brock Lesnar pick up two wrestlers the same way Ryback used to? Seems like if Ryback can do it Lesnar could too. But could Lesnar pick up Cena and Orton on his shoulders at the same time and deliver a double F-5? Its never been done before, but Cena and Orton combined probably weigh the same as the Big Show. That would be an epic moment. But it takes too much out of him, by the time he goes for a pin on Orton he kicks out, then he tries Cena and he kicks out. When Lesnar picks up Orton for another F-5, Orton hangs on for an RKO. He attempts a pin, but Lesnar kicks out. Cena throws Orton out of the ring and hits Lesnar with an Attitude Adjustment, goes for the pin, but Lesnar kicks out. That's when Triple H sneaks back into the ring, throws Cena out of the ring, and hits Lesnar with a pedigree, goes for the pin, but again Lesnar kicks out. He proves to be unstoppable. 

I would have Lesnar make Orton tap using his arm lock. Orton has a history of shoulder and arm problems, it would be believable that Lesnar did serious damage to his arm causing him to tap out. 

I would have Lesnar make Triple H tap out using the leg submission I mentioned before. Triple H has a history of leg injuries, both legs, and it would set up a great storyline with Triple H reinjuring his leg, and then having to face Sting at Wrestlemania injured, and Sting has the Scorpian Death Lock (Sharpe Shooter). It gives Sting the advantage. 

Lastly, why not end this epic match with the biggest moment in history. It now comes down to Brock Lesnar vs John Cena left alone in the Elimination Chamber. Lesnar could hit Cena with an F-5, but rather than go for the pin, climb to the top of one of the Chambers... and finally perform a Shooting Star Press! Then Lesnar would pin Cena for the win and become the WWE Champion once again... going to the main event of Wrestlemania against another man that never lost the title a man he has never faced before, Daniel Bryan. 

I would have Brock Lesnar rejoin the Authority. Paul Heyman too. Triple H can't beat them so join them right. So Brock Lesnar becomes the heel champion. Big Show and Kane on his side. Seth Rollins on his side. Triple H and Stephanie on his side. Randy Orton and John Cena should be against them. But no one more than Daniel Bryan. This would be the time to see that Kane and Big Show and Triple H are stepping down from the main event picture and getting behind Brock Lesnar as the top star and WWE Champion. Meanwhile John Cena and Randy Orton have both proven that they cannot defeat Brock Lesnar, they are no longer the top stars in the company. Brock Lesnar has knocked them out of the main event picture. So that all just leaves one man and that man is Daniel Bryan! 

You could have Cena and Orton defeat Kane and Big Show for the Tag-Team Championships at Wrestlemania. Triple H should lose to Sting at Wrestlemania. That takes care of the rest of the main event stars. 

Daniel Bryan could defeat Brock Lesnar with the help of the Undertaker. Paul Heyman could double cross Brock Lesnar. The entire Authority could screw over Brock Lesnar, the outcome ends with Bryan as the new WWE Champion, winning back the title he never lost. Lesnar finally gets defeated. Undertaker gets his revenge. Everyone gets their revenge. CM Punk could even do a run in to screw over Lesnar and Heyman. Bryan could become a Heyman guy. Bryan could join the Authority. So many options. Anything would be better than Roman Reigns! 

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