Monday, February 6, 2012

Edge & Lita... Sex In The Ring!

January 9, 2006 - RAW: Edge & Lita vowed to celebrate by having SEX live in the ring and drew in the highest ratings in Raw had seen months...

Off-screen, Lita (Amy Dumas) had been involved with Matt Hardy romantically, but began a relationship with Edge (Adam Copeland). WWE then began to use the real-life issues between the three as an on-screen storyline. In April, Hardy was released from WWE, only to be rehired several months later. Lita continued to act as Edge's valet, and Edge defeated Hardy at SummerSlam. On the October 3 episode of Raw, Edge, with the assistance of Lita, defeated Hardy in a ladder match, and Hardy was obligated to leave Raw as a stipulation of the match.

At New Year's Revolution, on January 8, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon appeared on stage and declared that WWE Champion John Cena had to defend the WWE Championship against Edge who was cashing in his Money In The Bank contract. This was right after Cena had retained the WWE Championship in a grueling Elimination Chamber match. Edge defeated Cena in less than two minutes after two spears to become WWE Champion for the first time. 

In an interview conducted after the event, on, Edge announced that he and Lita would have "hot, unbridled, sex" in the middle of the ring on Raw the following night to celebrate his victory. On Raw, Edge held up to that promise. During the segment, Lita and Edge stripped to their underwear before retreating beneath the covers of a bed that had been erected in the ring. Lita's bare breast was momentarily shown during the segment. They were interrupted by Flair, who called Edge a disgrace and "that he was horrible in the sack." Flair, however, ended up on the receiving end of a con-chair-to on the announcers' table until Cena came out to Flair's aid and performed an FU on Lita.

The "Live Sex Celebration" segment earned Raw a 5.2 rating, the highest Raw ratings in over a year, leading Edge to call himself the "most watched champion ever." However, despite the huge ratings Edge drew, three weeks later, at the Royal Rumble, Edge lost the WWE Championship back to Cena.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the story is that the "Live Sex Celebration" was something that neither Edge or Lita were especially comfortable with according to some new reports. However, it should be noted that there are no indications that either of them put up any kind of resistance to going forward with the segment.

What most likely caused all the tension and problems with the segment was the fact that Edge (Adam Copeland) had just recently reconciled with his wife at the time. The worst part being that Edge had cheated on this wife with Lita (Amy Dumas) early that year. So watching them having sex in the ring must have caused some issues for Edge and his wife, especially after a very public breakup where she accused Edge of taking steroids. They had only recently started to work things out and I'm sure this did not help.

Many people close to the situation both in WWE and close friends had stated that the relationship between Edge and Lita never fully worked out because of the stress that took place after it was made public all over the internet. The combination of Matt Hardy making the story public, getting released by WWE (which did bother Lita) and the "whispering" in the workplace every week caused the relationship to not last very long.

It is no secret that Lita has a reputation for being a very private person. One WWE source said at the time, "(Lita) knows she's got a great character who can be a successful heel for a long time to come. The problem is, to cash in she has to play into being a slut, and so she has mixed emotions about it." That was made pretty clear considering that Lita retired from the WWE saying that she could not take the constant insults from the audience.

Meanwhile, Edge appeared to be more willing to go along with the more "raunchy angles" and do whatever he was told. "(Edge) will do whatever is asked of him," said a close friend of Edge. "He's not the type to put up a stink about it. But he had to limit how far they went with it, so they found a happy medium to keep the company happy." Obviously this continued to be true for the rest of Edge's career because he did one sleazy storyline after another, basically doing whatever it took to win the WWE/World Championships over and over, until his career was cut short due to his neck injury.

Still, his first title reign will always be remember because of the live sex celebration with Lita that followed. No WWE Champion has ever or will ever top that celebration or do anything that extreme in a WWE ring every again I'm sure. Therefore, Edge and Lita will always go down in wrestling history as the most Extreme and Hardcore couple in wrestling history. Lita earned the nickname "Slut" while Edge earned the nickname "The Rated-R Superstar" and their sex segment, while never re-shown, will clearly never be forgotten by wrestling fans!


  1. This was a good angle while it lasted even though i agree with lita's comments to a degree

  2. edge is a idiot with the brain of the size of a peanut and lita is just a big,dumb slut!if you ask me i think they made for each other!

    1. Lita is a slut and anyone who says otherwise are fucking assholes!

  3. That one comment about her being a slut and his peanut brain, FUCK YOU. OKAY. LOL. You're probably an ugly ass piggy.

  4. @Anonymous. You are too f*ing stupid to realize it's all staged, and it was for entertainment. Better than your porn collection.

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