Friday, July 1, 2011

Zack Ryder WWE Internet Champion?

I've noticed there has been a lot of buzz around mid-card nobody Zack Ryder. He has not been featured on Raw, Smackdown, or any WWE PPVs in recent memory, and yet at every show lately there have been "we want Ryder" chants from the crowds. 

His Two Catchphrases: "You Know It" & "Woo Woo Woo!"
Internet Champion

According to Wikipedia
Ryder began a YouTube web series called Z!, True Long Island Story in February 2011. The show is a collection of short comments from Ryder, containing comedic allusions to wrestling and pop culture; it also features cameos from his various WWE colleagues. On the show, Ryder named himself WWE Internet Champion, a title he invented for himself complete with a championship made from a toy replica belt covered in stickers.He has appeared on Monday Night Raw wearing this belt.

Watch This Video For Yourselves

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  1. John Cena recently updated his Twitter account with the following:

    "CeNation. Ryder has been on internet 22 str8 weeks and has a legit following with zero tv time. Enuff BS. Can we get this kid on RAW!"

    It should be noted that Cena has "gone to bat" to WWE management for Zack Ryder in recent weeks.


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