Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rick Rude & Jake Roberts' Wife

Always one to boast, "Ravishing" Rick Rude considered himself WWE's "sexiest man alive." To prove his claim, he would often choose a lucky lady out of the crowd to give a "Rude Awakening" to with a passionate kiss, leaving them breathless. But one night in April 1988, Rude picked the wrong lady to smooch.

Rude and Hall of Fame manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan unknowingly chose Cheryl Roberts, wife of WWE Legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts. After Cheryl rejected Rude's crude advances, he angerly grabbed her, which brought out Jake rushing to her aid.

At that moment, Rude had found the chink in his cold, calculating rival's armor. "The Ravishing One" continued to taunt Roberts about his wife throughout the summer, and in's No. 3 "Spiciest Moment," Rude's "Spicy Side" airbrushed Cheryl's portrait onto his tights, rattling "The Snake" like no one else had ever done before.

But Jake would have none of it. After issuing repeated warnings to Rude, the fiery "Snake" struck in September, rushing to the ring and stripping the Cheryl-adorned airbrushed tights right off Rude's body, flashing Rick's "birthday suit" to the arena crowd in the process. It was a dose of humiliating payback for the "sexiest man alive," and venomous vindication for the Roberts family.


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