Saturday, September 17, 2011

Triple H Insults Ric Flair (Naitching)

Current on screen WWE COO HHH spoke with on his upcoming movie. He was then asked about Ric Flair and his move to TNA. HHH noted:

Ric is one of my best friends, Ric doesn't know when to walk away. Ric doesn't want to be told to walk away. And Ric can't afford to walk away. Ric has lived every day of his life like it's the last for almost the fifty years he's been in the business.

In Ric's mind, it's still 1982, he's on top of the world, he's young, he's got a lot of money. Ric has never questioned spending. We have a term on the road where if you go out and you have a crazy night that you spent a ludicrous amount of money or you just lose it one day and you can't go through another airport and you're trying to get a jet instead, we call it 'Naitching.' Ridiculously spending money for no point is called 'Naitching.'

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