Sunday, September 25, 2011

WWE Family Feud

What could be one of the greatest family feuds in wrestling history... The Rhodes Family vs The DiBiase Family! The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is a Hall Of Fame wrestler. The  Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase is a Hall Of Fame wrestler. Both have sons currently wrestling in the WWE. They started out as Tag Team Champions and part of Randy Orton's group called Legacy. This was a team of 2nd and 3rd generation wrestlers. Clearly they are all destined for greatness. But i think the WWE is finally starting to put them against each other and revive a feud that has gone on for literally generations! 

I think Ted Jr. should bring back the Million Dollar Championship Belt, which was given to him by his father. He did wrestle with it briefly, and ironically lost it to Cody Rhodes' older brother Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust! I believe Goldust was dating Aksana at the time, they were about to get married on NXT and she wanted the Millon Dollar Belt, so Goldust won it for her. At the wedding, Goldust was there, as was Dusty and Cody. However, I think they ruined that whole storyline, Ted took the belt back, and stopped using it. 

That was the end of the family feud. However, since Ted's career has fallen apart, and Cody's took off, WWE put them back together and have them fighting over Cody's Intercontinental Championship! Well I think they should bring all the pieces back together... Have Ted come out with the Million Dollar Belt. He could challenge Cody title for title. Maryse used to manage Ted but she has been gone for months due to surgery. Well bring her back as Ted's manager. Find a way to bring in Aksana as Cody's new girl because WWE is wasting this hot girl by having her backstage trying to seduce Teddy Long. She could be with Cody now. That would upset his brother Goldust who would get involved. Then it is only a matter of time before both fathers are getting involved. Suddenly you have Cody vs Ted, with two unbelievable hot girls, Maryse and Aksana, you throw in two legendary championship belts, a legend like Goldust and then on top of that you have two hall of fame fathers getting involved. 

This leaves openings for Mixed Tag matches. Father and Son Tag Team Matches. Goldust could get involved in any number of ways. It could be huge!

Goldust & Aksana
Aksana with the Million Dollar Championship Belt
Aksana Marrying Goldust
The Rhodes Family At The Wedding (Aksana, Goldust, Dusty, and Cody)
Aksana's New Look... Trying To Seduce Smackdown GM Teddy Long

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