Sunday, September 18, 2011

WWE Title Stolen From Hogan... Biggest Shock Ever!

At WrestleMania III, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan did what all thought was impossible when he defeated Andre the Giant to retain the WWE Championship. In their rematch a little less than a year later, Hogan would not be so lucky thanks to the No. 4 Great Highway Robbery in WWE History. 

On Feb. 5, 1988 at The Main Event, The Immortal One was set to defend his gold against Andre once again, but The Giant's associate, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, had something up his sleeve to stack the deck in Andre's favor.

Although the man who refereed the match looked like Dave Hebner, the WWE official assigned for the championship bout, that was not the case. Instead, DiBiase had paid a man to have plastic surgery to look like the real Hebner and, while that man acted as the referee in this critical bout, Dave was in fact locked in a closet unable to escape.Thanks to The Million Dollar Man putting his money to good use, Hogan was robbed of the title as the fake Hebner counted a quick three-count and awarded Andre the championship, despite Hogan's shoulder being visibly off the mat. Immediately after the bout had concluded, Andre sold the title to The Million Dollar Man as the final payoff for DiBiase's plan.

Twin Referees!
Fortunately, the curtains were pulled back on the scheme quite quickly as the real Dave Hebner freed himself and made his way down to ringside, leaving Hogan, and the rest of the WWE Universe to realize what had happened. The very next week, WWE President Jack Tunney stripped DiBiase of his title and set up a history-making tournament for the championship at WrestleMania IV.

Although The Million Dollar Man only had the title for a brief period of time, his financial transactions not only earned him Hogan's gold, but also the No. 4 Great Highway Robbery in WWE History.

Shoulder Clearly Up!

Sidenote: What ever happened to Dave Hebner, is he Earl's brother?

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