Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Miz & R-Truth

What is going on with The Miz and R-Truth? They were mad that they weren't getting title shots. So they joined together with the worst rap song ever. They failed as a tag team just like they failed as singles wrestlers. Then they start attacking referees. Then Triple H fines them 250,000. Then Triple H fires them both. But then at the Hell In A Cell main event the cage was raise just enough to let them in, then re-lowered, trapping everyone inside, and they proceeded to beat up every wrestler, referee, and even camera men, until the door was opened and they were arrested. They were also attacked and beaten up by Triple H. 

However, as soon as Vince McMahon fired Triple H, and appointed John Laurinaitis as the new general manager, the first thing he did was re-hire both The Miz and R-truth. So what is going on? Are they working for John, are they causing the trouble for him just to make Triple H look bad? If so, what do they get out of the deal? Will they be the next Tag-Team Champions? I'm not gonna lie, I think The Miz is decent, but come on... R-Truth is just terrible. His rap sucks, he can't wrestle and no one cares when he comes out, the is only popular now because his crazy "little Jimmy" gimmick is so stupid its funny.

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