Sunday, October 23, 2011

New TNA Champion... James Storm!

After Bobby Roode failed to win the TNA Championship at Bound For Glory, because Kurt Angle held the ropes while Roode's arm was under the ropes, Roode wanted a rematch on Impact and the rumours were going around that Kurt was mad that the decision was changed about giving the title to Roode because Kurt is injured and needs time off and is ready to pass the torch to the "next guy" only Hogan decided that next guy isn't Roode. Well on Impact Roode demanded his rematch, only Kurt told him that in the contract he signed if he lost at Bound For Glory he would never get a rematch against Kurt Angle ever again! That's when James Storm came out, and said if his partner doesn't get a title shot then he wants one. Kurt said no way, but new TNA boss Sting said its a done deal and the main event was set! Storm and Angle came out, and right off the bell Kurt took it to him, hammering him down in the corner, only Kurt turned around to raise his arms to the crowd and when he turned back around he got some "sweet chin music" from the Tennessee Cowboy and just like that it was over and TNA has a new World Champion!


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