Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TNA Bound For Glory

Bound For Glory must be the TNA version of Wrestlemania because that was the best PPV they have done all year! Just about every match was great, and just about every wrestler on the show had their best match of the year... though I thought a few wrestlers just proved they didn't deserve a spot on the biggest show of the year, while others proved they should have been main events. 

The opening match was the X-Division Championship match between Champion Austina Aries and Challenger Brian Kendrick. I thought this match was amazing and stole the show. High flying movies, great back and forth action. When Kendrick hit Sliced Bread off of the top of the ring post and spiked Aries on the back of his head in the middle of the ring I thought it was all over. The fact that Aries battled back to win the match with his signature Brian Buster I think proves he is the real star of the reborn X-Division!

The Knockouts Championship was surprisingly good for a change. They made it a Fatal Four-way, however, they only had two Knockouts in the ring at a time and they had to tag out which was strange. Even more strange was seeing Karen Jarrett as the special referee, though Traci Brooks had to make the three-count. All that mattered to me though was that Velvet Sky finally won the Knockouts Championship! Long overdue in my opinion!

The match that really disappointed me was the Triple Threat Match between Matt Morgan, Crimson, and Samoa Joe. This match was boring and dull and the ending was lame. Sorry to say but I don't think these guys deserved a spot on the show. Morgan did shock me when he jumped off the top rope to hit Crimson on the outside. Other than that the match was very weak. 

Instead they could have used either the Tag-Team Champions or the Knockout Tag-Team Champions. Why is the Television Championship not considered a real Championship? Ever since Eric Young won the title its become a joke. I think it should be a real Championship since the X-Division is for lightweights now. TNA needs a second Championship. Wrestlers that were not on the PPV that could be a better Television Champion include: Abyss, Alex Shelley, The Pope, Douglas Williams, James Storm, Kazarian, Kid Kash, Rob Terry, Robbie E, Scott Steiner, Shannon Moore, or Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett could have had an actual match!

The main three matches on the show were all rivalries that have gone on for years. So it seemed obvious that they would be booked on the show:
Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn
AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels
Hulk Hogan vs Sting

Of those three. AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels was an I Quit Match. It really sucked! Daniels was insane, he tried to cut AJ's face with a screwdriver, but when AJ got a hold of the screwdriver, Daniels screamed I Quit before he even touched him. I think it was a very lame match.

Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn delivered as expected. But I must say Lynn looks like he has lost a step or two over the years and I think they need to find a fresh new wrestler to face RVD. I think RVD should be back in the Championship picture and facing guys like AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson. I think that would be better than facing a washed up wrestler he used to fight ten years ago in ECW. But that's just my opinion. Also, I couldn't believe how hard Lynn smashed RVD's head into the bottom of the guardrail and arena floor when he kicked the ladder out of the way, either by accident or on purpose (what do you think?). 

The match that I think stole the show and topped the RVD / Lynn match... was Mr. Anderson vs Bully Ray. While RVD and Lynn used ladders and chairs. Anderson and Ray used tables and a piece of the steel guardrail. It was intense. Anderson did a Swanton-bomb but Ray rolled out of the way and Anderson landed on the back of his head on the guardrail. That was insane. Unfortunately, when Anderson went for the same move from the top rope onto Ray on a table outside the ring, he over shot the jump and skipped over Ray and the table didn't break. The crowd laughed and Anderson was forced to use a Mic-Check for the win instead. It's too bad the end had to be messed up on what was otherwise the best match of the show I think.

My Two Favourite Girls Are Now Knockouts Champion (Velvet Sky)
And One Half Of The Knockout Tag-Team Champions (Brook Tessmacher)
I'm listing the matches in the order I thought they should have been now. I think Hogan and Sting should have been the last match since that is all the fans really wanted to see. TNA must have had different ideas because they had Angle and Roode go on last. Big mistake in my opinion. Kurt Angle was injured before the match started, so he did not put on a very good match. As I've said before, I don't think Roode is a main event player, at least not yet. I think he proved it in this match. It was boring. Angle was too injured to do it all himself, and Roode didn't have what it took. After all the hype for Roode to be the next Champion, in the end he was screwed. Angle got the pin-fall while holding the ropes for leverage and even though Roode's arm was under the ropes, the referee still counted to three. It was just a bad match and a horrible finish.

Now for the real main event... Hulk Hogan vs Sting. The winner would get control of TNA. This is clearly the last match of Hulk Hogan's career. He chose to fight Sting his greatest rival. I think this was a great choice. My only concern was if Hogan would be able to do it. I think he did a good job considering he had eight back surgeries this year. The match was short as expected but I thought they did a pretty good job. Sting sold everything really well to make Hogan look good. Ric Flair was there in Hogan's corner to help out and buy him time to recover and make the match go longer. Both wrestlers were busted open and bleeding everywhere. Flair was attacking Sting on the outside. But in the end, Sting hit Hogan in the back with a Stinger-Splash before locking him in the Scorpion Death Lock. Hogan tapped out right away but the referee Jackson James was reluctant to ring the bell until the third time Hogan tapped out. It was revealed before the match that the referee is actually Eric Bishoff's son. Eric told him to make sure Hogan won and Sting would never wrestler again. So when the bell rang and Sting had won, Eric lead all of Immortal to the ring to finish the job...

Abyss was the only Immortal member to not join in. Gunner, Steiner, and Bully Ray all came to the ring with steel chairs and took turns beating down Sting. Flair took a few shots as well. The referee pulled the chair out of his father's hands (Eric) and for that Eric hit him in the back with steel chair. Eventually, Sting managed to crawl across the ring towards Hogan and begged him for help. Hogan suddenly came alive, he started shaking his head and "Hulking-Up" then he ripped off his shirt and started attack every member of Immortal. They stood in shock then turned around and say a revitalized Sting and together Hogan and Sting took care of all of Immortal, including Eric Bishoff. When all was said and done, Hogan and Sting were together in the ring shaking hands... I was in shock!

Overall, great match, and a great PPV! Good job TNA!

To Recap: Velvet Sky is Knockout Champion, Kurt Angle is TNA World Champion,
and Hulk Hogan and Sting are working together against Immortal!

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