Sunday, October 30, 2011

Urban Dictionary: Ultimate Warrior!

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One of the most popular wrestlers of the late 80's and early 90's. The poster-boy for a wrestler who is all show and no talent. His wrestling ability consist of him running mad-sprint to the ring(usually tiring himself out before the match) then proceeding to shake the ropes as hard as he can. Once the match actually started his greenness was very apparent. The man couldn't even perform his trademark move correctly and actually hurt other wrestlers in doing so. The reason why the Warrior was so popular was plain and simple...he looked cool. Complete with a cut muscular body he also had huge feathered hair which would have made Bon Jovi jealous. He had a streamers flailing from his arms and bright colored face-paint. The Warrior has been noted as a strange man, yes his name is legally The Warrior. To say the least the Ultimate Warrior is or was the worst Heavyweight Champion ever!

"God Himself. Sent in a capsule from a place long from here, and He came for only one reason: to take and keep coming. Not to ask, but just to give. Not to want, but just to send. Send the power of the Warrior. Down everybody's throat in the WWF 'til they become sick of it. Well, you're gonna get sick of it. Because that freak of nature right there is just beginning to swell. And when He gets big enough, brother, there ain't gonna be room for anybody else but Him and all the Warriors... floatin' through the veins... and the power of the Warriaaaaaaaah..."

"One who prepares himself by asking "How should I prepare myself? Should I jump off the tallest building in the world, should I lay in the lawn and let lawnmowers run over me, should I go to Africa and be trampled by raging elephants!"

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