Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who Should Be The Next Top Guy In TNA?

The Hogan / Bischoff era is over in TNA. Now Sting has given the company back to Dixie Carter and she has put Sting in charge. This takes Hogan and Sting out of the picture as far as wrestling, main eventing, or championships I would assume. Jarrett, who founded the company, has been out of the main event and the title picture ever since Kurt Angle arrived in TNA. However, now Kurt Angle has stated that it is time for him to step down and pass the TNA torch to the next guy in line. The only question is, who is that next guy???

Who should defeat Kurt Angle and win the TNA World Championship? Well they were trying to give it to Bobby Roode, but they changed their minds. So then they gave it to his tag team partner James Storm. Well I don't think either of these guys are the "next top guy." The rumour I heard was Roode didn't get the belt because they wanted to wait and give it to Jeff Hardy who just returned from rehab and serving his time in jail. Well I can't help but think he might be the wrong guy for the job lol. 

So if you rule out: Hulk Hogan, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, and now Kurt Angle. You then rule out Beer Money and Jeff Hardy... who does that leave?

The first name that comes to mind is the obvious "chosen one" in TNA... AJ Styles! He has won every championship in TNA and is easily the most popular original in TNA. He is the leader of Fortune and has defeated every major name in TNA. 

My second choice would be my favourite wrestler... Rob Van Dam! I think he is the most talented wrestler in the world. Unfortunately, he is also the most under-used and wasted star in every company he goes to. In ECW he was the Television Champion who went undefeated for over 2 years. However he was never given a World Championship match in all that time. He should have faced Mike Awesome title for title and won! But that never happened. He was eventually stripped of his Television Championship anyways, and coincidence, that company went out of business. He then went to WWE where he would be the last ever Hardcore and European Champion. He was one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time, and was the first wrestler to ever hold both the ECW Championship and the WWE Championship at the same time. However, about a week later Vince changed his mind and had RVD drop both titles and eventually leave the company. Years later RVD finally resurfaced in TNA, went on to defeated AJ Styles and become the first TNA Champion under the Hogan / Bishoff regime. Again, it was short lived, and Abyss injured him and he was stripped of the title and he's never held it or any other title since. WTF? 

My third and final choice... Mr. Anderson! I think he is the most under-rated star in every company he goes to. He out works, out talks, and out wrestles everyone else but never gets anything to show for it. It seems like the companies never know exactly what to do with him. He kind of has a bad attitude, uses bad language, doesn't really play by the rules. For this reason the fans love him, but the bosses always seem to think this should make him a bad guy (heel) so they always try to make him hated by the fans (aka joining Immortal). Why don't they get it? The fans love an edgy good guy, one that isn't afraid to say what is on his find, to call an asshole an asshole. They love a guy that comes out, stands on his own, isn't afraid of anyone and doesn't do as he is told. Why is it so hard to figure that out since it worked so well with another wrestler, maybe you've all heard of him, his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

Just Like Austin In Bret Hart's Sharp-Shooter!
Well those are just my picks, but there are many other great superstars in TNA. I will list as many as I think are worth listing in my newest poll for you to vote on!

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