Monday, October 24, 2011

Why LOD Failed

Legion Of Doom
Clearly the Road Warriors were the first Tag-Team of this kind. They invented the look and the style. They were the best. However, when they didn't sign with the WWF, Vince McMahon had no choice but to recreate them in his own version known as Demolition. 

Later, another Tag-Team known as the Powers Of Pain were created to be the next Road Warriors. They defeated the Road Warriors to become Tag-Team Champions. They then signed with the WWF and were set to defeat Demolition and win the WWF Tag-Team Championships. However, that never happened. Demolition held onto the titles and the Powers Of Pain were split up to make room for the Road Warriors. 

When the Road Warriors finally came to the WWF, you would assume they would want to wrestle the Powers Of Pain, but instead they insisted that team be split up and their characters be changed to not resemble the Road Warriors in any way. That was a major mistake and disappointment in my opinion.

The WWF changed the Road Warriors name to the Legion Of Doom. They started to have the obvious feud between the Legion Of Doom and Demolition. However, Demolition was falling apart and the feud was cancelled. Honestly, I think this only proves that the Powers Of Pain should have defeated Demolition when they had the chance. Then when the Road Warriors came to the WWF they could have had their rematch against the Powers Of Pain and would have become the WWF Tag Team Champions. Maybe this could have brought Demolition back for one last run against the Legion Of Doom. 

Powers Of Pain
Regardless, none of this ever happened. And to be honest, I think Vince went out of his way to destroy all of these teams. Vince created Demolition, he gave them three reigns as Champions, one being the longest single reign in history, and the total of their three reigns makes them the greatest Tag-Team in history. I think this is what Vince wanted, for the team he created to prove to be better than the others. That is the real reason why Vince screwed the Powers Of Pain out of their title reign, and ultimately split them up before they could really make a name for themselves. 

I think Vince also went out of his way to ruin the Road Warriors. Perhaps to punish them for not signing with him in the first place or maybe just to prove Demolition was better. When the Road Warriors signed with him the first thing he did was change their name. Then he tried to ruin them by giving them a horrible gimmick with a ventriloquist dummy. It was so bad it didn't air on TV and Hawk quite the company over it. When they returned Vince tried to change them again by making them LOD 2000. He gave them dumb helmets to wear, but they didn't last because Hawk threw his into the crowd one night. Also, putting them with Sunny only made them more popular, so Vince quickly took her away. Instead, Vince decided to do what ultimately killed Demolition... he decided to added a new member which the fans would hate! He added Droz who was then known as Puke! This was horrible and the fans hated it. Next Vince had them do a gimmick where Hawk tried to committee suicide by jumping off the big screen on the stage. This was so bad they again had to quit the company.

Why would Vince take the best Tag-Team in the world and give them the worst gimmicks he could think of and force them to quit several times? The day they finally decided to sign with the WWF they should have walked in and destroyed all the rip-off teams (Demolition and the Powers Of Pain) and become the WWF Tag-Team Champions! They should have held those titles longer than Demolition did, and had many more reigns over the years, ultimately more than Demolition and more than any other Tag-Team in history!

Demolition was my favourite Tag-Team until the Legion Of Doom arrived. But I never understood why LOD never went on to be as great. Now I think I have a pretty good idea.

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