Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why Vince Hates Zack Ryder's Shirt

Vince McMahon reportedly "freaked out" a few weeks back when seeing Zack Ryder's "Take Care, Spike Your Hair" t-shirt because of the word "Spike." Apparently this has to do with Spike TV and TNA being on their network.

We noted the other day that Ryder's shirts had sold out on WWE's shop website and he had a new Authentic shirt out. Word is that Vince originally wanted to pull the "Spike" shirts but decided to stop production on them but sell the ones that were in stock.

The WWE also trademarked the word "Broski" which means if Zack Ryder ever leaves the company he can no longer use the word. I don't think a company should be allowed to trademark a word, and I think the person that uses something or makes something famous should automatically own any rights to it regardless of who pays or signs up to own it first. How could Donald Trump trademark the words "You're Fired" especially if he stole it from Vince McMahon lol.

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  1. Oh my god! Just retire and go away you crazy out of touch old geezer! No one wants to see you on tv ramnle on incoherently for half hour to and hour of raw every monday, you have no reason to even be on there except just to listen to yourself talk.. You're out of touch with the fans and you spit on them week in and out, you forgot before we the fans started coming out, you were just an announcer for your dad, we bought into your new brand of wrestling "yes its wrestling!" back in the 80"s and made you a rich man. Now you hate the word wrestling, when people turn on the tv, the first thing they say is Lets watch wrestling, they don't say lets watch wwe sports entertainment. You've had your time now go enjoy being a millionaire, go live on the beach somewhere with your wife, or go live in a villa overseas, just go away, you've overstayed your welcome and thanks for all you done over the years but its time for change and first change is for Vince McMahon to step away.. Won't happen cause your ego is too big but that's what we wish for.


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