Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wrestler Wives

John Cena and his Wife
Big Show and his Wife
Chris Jericho and his Wife
Christian and his Wife (I don't want to know what Big Show is doing to her lol)
Edge and his Wife
Hulk Hogan and his New Wife (who looks like a slightly older version of his daughter lol)
Rob Van Dam and his Wife
Edge should have married Lita!
Karen Jarrett (Formerly Karen Angle)
The Great Khali and his Wife
I Can't Believe Billy Gunn had Angelina Love and Velvet Sky
Macho Man Randy Savage wit his Wife (Wedding Photo)
Shane McMahon and his Wife
Rob Van Dam and his Wife?
Kurt Angle and Karen Jarrett's Wedding Photo
Still Can't Believe Billy Kidman Married Torrie Wilson!
The Rock with his Wife and Daughter
The Undertaker with his Wife (I don't think they are still together)

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