Thursday, October 6, 2011

WWE Walks Out On Triple H

So CM Punk beat John Cena for the WWE Championship... Vince McMahon fires John Cena... Triple H fires Vince and rehires Cena... CM Punk wins Title vs Title, but Alberto Del Rio walks away with the title... Kevin Nash bullshit... John Cena wins Championship, while Triple H beats Punk... that brings us to Hell In A Cell. 

Triple Threat: Cena vs Alberto vs Punk
Cena is about to win, Alberto's buddy opens the cage door. Cena throws him out of the cage. Alberto hits Cena with a pipe and locks him out of the cage. Alberto then hits Punk with the same pipe and pins him to win the match. What a shit ending... Alberto WWE Champion for the second time. 

After the match, the cage goes up, Cena goes in, so do two hooded men. Cage goes down, the two beat up everyone in the ring. Turns out to be Miz and R-Truth. WWE roster, Triple H, and police come up and arrest the two... this brings us to Raw!

Triple H is in the ring, all wrestlers, divas, referees, and announcers surround the ring. Triple H gives his side of the story. Jerry Lawler comes out, and says he is walking out. Everyone follows him. JR is the last but he follows too. 

After the show goes off the air, the Zack Ryder incident lol

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