Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beth Phoenix vs Lita

She said: "I'd say Lita because I hear a lot of people would like to see that dream match and just because I a huge fan of hers. When I went to wrestling school the first day the first thing I said was teach me a moonsault and a hurricanrana. Little did I know that probably wouldn't become my style. But when I started, I said I wanted to be just like her. And eventually, my style developed into something completely different." When asked in the interview if she was dating CM Punk, she replied: "I plead the fifth. No confirm or deny to that rumor."

Beth says she wants to fight Lita because she respects her, but we all know its because Lita is her boyfriend CM Punk's ex-girlfriend, and they slept together after the show in Atlanta and that is why Beth and Punk split up!

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