Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wrestling Management

Vickie Guerrero
Vince McMahon was always the main wrestling promoter in the most dominate wrestling promotion in the world. Then Ted Turner started WCW as the main competition. However, Turner didn't know anything about being a wrestling promoter she he hired a long list of idiots to run the company into the ground. Then one day he hired a man named Eric Bischoff who changed the wrestling world and took over as the top promoter in the wrestling business. Meanwhile, a third promotion started called ECW which was run by a man named Paul Heyman. This was a new style of wrestling, much more extreme and exciting. WCW had the biggest stars and ECW had the most exciting matches. Yet somehow Vince McMahon was able to put both other promotions out of business. He then put Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman to work for him.

Michael Cole
This was the high point in wrestling in my opinion. All of the top wrestlers in the world were in the same company all at once, and the top three promoters were all working together for the first and only time in history. Wrestlemania 18 in Toronto was the greatest Wrestlemania of all time. They had an all star list of the top wrestlers in the world in dream matches. Wrestlemania 19 was very good as well because a new star named Brock Lesnar, managed personally by Paul Heyman was again changing the world of professional wrestling. However, but Wrestlemania 20 it was all over. Sadly, since then I think its all been down hill.

Theodore Long
Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff were eventually out of the WWE and Vince was hardly ever there. This was when the wrestling business suffered. They brought in every idiot they could think of to try to run the business but each one crashed and burned, some faster than others. I assumed Shane and Stephanie McMahon would take over Raw and Smackdown, but that never really happened. Instead we were given a series of General Managers that all failed miserably. Vickie Guerrero and Theodore Long have been the most notable GMs in the past 10 years. I have to ask, what do either of them know about running a wrestling promotion? Vickie was married to Eddie Guerrero and Teddy Long was just a referee. I want to know how either of them ever suddenly gained these positions. 

Mike Adamle
I'm not even going to go through all of the other idiots we have had to endure, I am only going to mention Mike Adamle and the very long embarrassing series of Raw Guest GMs such as Bob Barker and Buzz Aldrin. I was so glad when they finally ended that stupid idea, however, I am not sure it is really over. This past Monday we were forced to watch the wrestlers interacting with The Muppets. I get that the WWE is trying to target very little kids, even though I think their audience should be a more mature audience, but this is not a quality program and I am sure it is not enjoyable for the grown men and women that have to embarrass themselves this way. They are athletes not children show actors.  

John Laurinaitis
Still, it is better that they have someone as the acting figurehead than nothing at all. In my opinion, the worst idea they ever had was the "Anonymous" Raw General Manager. I think it was clear that Michael Cole was the man behind it, and I personally think he is an embarrassment, and I can't stand listening to him talk during the show. He only makes stupid annoying comments and interrupts the show for his own stupid stunts. He should be replaced with any ex-wrestler who can do commentary. Honestly, I think Hornswoggle could do a better job than Michael Cole!

Finally, I thought things were going to start to turn around when Triple H came out and relieved Vince of all his duties. I thought finally a real wrestler is going to step in and run this show the way it is meant to be done. Triple H was there during the glory days of the business with guys like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, so I thought he would bring the business back to what it used to be. Instead it was the the same if not worse. But it was very short lived as Triple H was then replaced by the guy who is clearly screwing him from behind the scenes, John Laurinaitis. This guy is an idiot who can't even talk, and who's only claim to fame is being the brother of Animal from The Road Warriors / Legion Of Doom. I hope for the sake of the WWE Triple H kicks this guys ass and takes back control of the company and makes it like it used to be ten years ago when it was good!

Meanwhile, one of those other promoters I mentioned name Eric Bishoff just happens to have gone to work for another promotion called TNA. This company was started by a wrestler named Jeff Jarrett. Jeff was the top guy until he brought in Kurt Angle to take over for him. A woman named Dixie Carter is supposedly the owner now. However, since she is not a wrestler she openly admits she needs a wrestler to run her company. Genius! So who did she get? An old manager? An old referee? Celebrities? No, she went out and signed the biggest name in the history of the wrestling business, Hulk Hogan, to step in and run the show with his partner Eric Bischoff. Together they made TNA more exciting to watch than the WWE. Now the new storyline there is that Sting finally defeated Hulk Hogan to get control of the company back and give it to Dixie. Again though, she stepped down and handed control of the company over to a wrestler who could run it better than her. This time it was Sting, the guy who has always been the top wrestler in the world not in the WWE. Now he is running the other promotion that is competing with the WWE. I must say I am much more excited to watch a promotion that is run by Sting or Hulk Hogan than a promotion run by John Laurinaitis and The Muppets!

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