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Dolph Ziggler... World Champion

Dolph Ziggler
World Champion
Dolph Ziggler has held every WWE Championship so far in his career except for one... the WWE Championship. He was a Tag-Team Champion during his time with the Spirit Squad. When he debuted as Dolph Ziggler and was drafted to Smackdown he became Intercontinental Champion in a feud with Kofi Kingston. He then was World Champion very briefly during his feud with Edge which I fell was cut short because of Edge's career ending neck injury. Afterwards, Ziggler moved to Raw where he became the United states Champion which ended in his recent feud with Zack Ryder. Now Ziggler is challenging the current WWE Champion CM Punk at the Royal Rumble. 

Will Ziggler win every championship in the WWE today? 

Most people probably don't even remember that Dolph Zigger was every World Champion on Smackdown. Basically, if you blinked you missed it lol. Here is the breakdown for those of you who missed it. At the SmackDown tapings on January 4, Ziggler lost the Intercontinental Championship to Kingston after a five month reign. That same night, Ziggler won a four-way match against Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and The Big Show to become the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. Ziggler received his match for the championship at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view against Edge, but was unsuccessful. 

11 minutes and 23 seconds
On February 4, Ziggler's girlfriend Vickie Guerrero, who was the Acting General Manager of SmackDown, announced that she had banned the spear – Edge's finishing move – and if Edge used it during the rematch between the two, Ziggler would be automatically awarded the championship. 

On the February 11 episode of SmackDown, Ziggler received a rematch for the championship, only to lose after being speared. On the February 14 episode of Raw, Guerrero announced that Edge had lost the championship due to using the spear and that Ziggler would be crowned the new champion. On SmackDown on February 18, Guerrero fired Edge, claiming that he had attacked SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long several weeks prior, and awarded Ziggler the championship during a coronation ceremony later that night. Long returned during the ceremony however, and Guerrero revealed Ziggler as the attacker after being accused of orchestrating the attack by Long. Long rehired Edge and gave him his rematch, in which Edge regained the championship. Ziggler's first World Championship reign lasted only 11 minutes and 23 seconds. (Big Show broke his record for the shortest World Championship reign at the last WWE PPV with his 45 second reign). After the match, Long fired Ziggler in storyline.

Ironically, it was last year at the Royal Rumble that Ziggler was challenging Edge for the World Championship. Now at this years Royal Rumble Ziggler is challenging CM Punk for the WWE Championship. The only question his will Ziggler be more successful than he was last year, and if he wins the WWE Championship will he be able to hold onto it longer than 11 minutes and 23 seconds?  

600th Episode Of Smackdown!

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