Monday, February 6, 2012

Poll Closed: Sheamus Will Challenge?

It seems 78% of you agree with me that Sheamus will challenge for the World Championship at Wrestlemania. This seems to make sense considering Chris Jericho is supposed to challenge CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Then again, Jericho was also supposed to win the Royal Rumble, so who knows what stupid decision Triple H will make next in order to steal the spotlight for himself and his new side-kick and work-out buddy Sheamus.

It also makes sense considering that Sheamus has already held the WWE Championship but not the World Championship. Along the same lines, since Sheamus has held the United States Championship I would have liked to have seen his match with Cody Rhodes on Smackdown for the Intercontinental Championship. Sheamus should win that title too since he is going to be the next Tripe H protegee.

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