Saturday, March 17, 2012

Paul Heyman In WWE HOF Next Year?

Joey Styles interview...

On whether ECW should be represented in the WWE Hall of Fame: 
"My opinion…next year with Wrestlemania in New York…Paul Heyman should go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Verne Gagne is in, Mike Graham is in, and there is no reason not to incorporate Paul Heyman, and next year in NY is the time to do it."

On who is the guy who will carry the WWE torch in the future: 
"Without getting into a long list, I think given the opportunity and handed the ball, Dolph Ziggler could score again and again and again. I see a lot of great performers in Dolph Ziggler."

On whether Jim Ross should call Wrestlemania: 
"Jim Ross should call the Undertaker/Triple H match, because it was the end of an era, and he was a big part of that era."

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