Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poll Closed: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

I've decided to end this poll early. There were still 13 days left to vote, however, the poll has already received 100 votes and I think the results are pretty clear already!

Wrestlemania 28 Who Will Win?
  • Sheamus 90 (90%)
  • Daniel Bryan 10 (10%)
So after receiving 90% of the votes I think its obvious everyone thinks Sheamus is going to win that match, defeat Daniel Bryan, and become the next World Champion. I must say I agree fully with these results. However, currently in the poll asking which match you want to see the most, this match is in last place lol. More people have voted for "other" than for this match haha. So I think its safe to say the WWE missed the mark with this one. 

I think Daniel Bryan is just not a believable or interesting World Champion. He had some interest when he was trying to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase, but after he won they turned his character into someone that no fan could like or want to see. I also think Sheamus has been given too big of a push too soon, and the fans aren't behind him enough to want to see him in the main event of Wrestlemania. On a show that features John Cena vs The Rock, and Triple H vs The Undertaker, honestly who really cares about Sheamus or Daniel Bryan? 

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the opening match. After all, the World Championship match with Alberto Del Rio was the opening match last year. Granted, Edge was obviously not 100%, but I think it was the same problem. The WWE gave Del Rio a huge push into the main event of Wrestlemania, but no fans were interested in seeing him. They need to listen to what the fans want instead of telling them what they should want. Sheamus and Daniel Bryan are in a main event for a World Championship, meanwhile Zack Ryder doesn't even have a match!

Look back over the past year, since last years Wrestlemania World Championship match between Edge and Alberto, what has been the story with the World Championship? Del Rio failed to win the Championship, but moved to Raw and won the WWE Championship, which I think was a horrible mistake (it just ruined what they already had going with John Cena and CM Punk!). Meanwhile, Christian stepped into Edge's old roll and Randy Orton moved to Smackdown to take over as the face of Smackdown. While Christians new crybaby character was horrible, his final match with Randy Orton for the World Championship where he was RKOed onto the steel steps in the ring was by far the best World Championship match of the year. But now Orton is facing Kane at Wrestlemania and Christian doesn't even have a match (just like last year). 

Since then the only storyline for the World Championship on Smackdown has been Mark Henry vs The Big Show. They built this up all year, but now at the biggest show of them all they scrapped the whole storyline. The Big Show has stepped down from the World Championship to challenge Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship. And Mark Henry is involved in the stupid General Manager match. The General Manager match will probably include the United States Champion, and the Tag-Team Champions, replacing any real Championship matches at Wrestlemania.

Overall, I think the WWE has made a few big mistakes in their choices for matches at Wrestlemania, and I think some of these poll results prove just that. There are only two matches on the whole card that have any fan interest (John Cena vs The Rock and Triple H vs The Undertaker). With all of the others they have blown it. Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler have been the two hottest stars all year and neither of them have a match so far at Wrestlemania. Meanwhile Daniel Bryan and Sheamus are in a main event for the World Championship. I would have preferred to have seen Ryder vs Ziggler for the World Championship myself, but maybe that's just me. 

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