Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rock Concert > Cena Rap

Raw started with Cena's rap. Since I hate John Cena I want to rip apart how stupid his rap was, but to be honest it was fun seeing him come out to his old rapper entrance dressed like a thug with the chain and all. His rap was funny and had the same dirty references it always used to back in the day. I think out of the two Cena characters I prefer his old Heel character over his lame Babyface. They should go back to his hold character, make him Heel again, and just let the Rock be the Babyface, he clearly has the crowds support anyways. 

Not many other high points on Raw. Chris Jericho revealed the reason CM Punk is straight-edge is because his father was a drunk. Jericho then said he would not only defeat Punk at Wrestlemania but he would make him drink and become a drunk like his father. I think the whole thing was done it very poor taste. 

The guest ring announcer from the show Psych was extremely annoying. This is the crap that makes everyone hate the Miz! 

Also, I feel sorry for every wrestler that is being robbed of a decent match at Wrestlemania and being forced to take part in this stupid General Manager team battle. Who cares. Both GMs suck. Triple H will take over eventually anyways, who cares. These matches are boring. 

The main event was the Rock Concert. It was great. The Rock was hilarious. He trashed Cena worse than he ever trashed any wrestler ever before. The last verse about Cena's mom was by far the funniest. The crowd was really into it. But I thought as good as the Queen We Will Rock You was at the end, the Rock was really struggling to get the word out, and they were on the titan-tron for him and the whole audience to read. He just couldn't keep up with the music. It was kind of embarrassing. I wonder how much it cost for the WWE to be able to use that song? It was kind of a waste and a let down after the Rock sang his own and it was such a success.

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