Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Sale Of WCW... According To Larry Zbyszko

"The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko recently did an interview and was asked to explain the real story of the WCW sale and who is really to blame...

On the AOL/Time Warner merger and the sale of WCW: 
"It was really sad, and I just shook my head 'cause we had it so hot. And the terrible part was, not only did we have it hot (right after the New World Order which got kind of goofy after a while because everybody was a 'New World Order guy'), but we had a guy that was so over that you could've built the whole business around—just like they did Bruno or The Hulk—we had a guy named Goldberg. And Goldberg was over like God for a while. But the bad news is—and you can't blame WCW—if you want to blame somebody, blame AOL! AOL came into Turner Time Warner and lied and told Turner Time Warner how much money they had, and how great it was going be when AOL bought over Turner Time Warner. Ted Turner, who was kicking' himself in the ass today, gave up his power and his percent and sold out to AOL, and AOL did not have the money and all the crap they said they did! And they're the ones that came in and said We don't want the baseball, we don't want the wrestling, we don't want the basketball. You know, they didn't have a clue how to run television; they were just a bunch of crooks—crooked bankers, or Goldman Sachs… I mean, it was nonsense. And it was unfortunate because they just basically cancelled the number one show they had. Not only did they cancel the number one show they had, these idiots sold a library of tapes thirty years old that was worth a fortune in free programming for two-and-a-half million bucks, pennies! So if you want to blame anybody, blame AOL. And the company knew AOL was going to cancel it, so the last year, no one cared what happened 'cause it was already gone, and , unfortunately, they dragged it to the mud with some other idiots… the rest is history. But AOL are the people that came in and lied and screwed up Turner Time Warner."

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