Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A-Train Return

As noted before, WWE has signed Matt "A-Train" Bloom to return after WrestleMania 28 and he may be a new henchman for John Laurinaitis. Despite Bloom denying the reports, several sources report that it is a done deal and the "Lord Tensai" teaser that aired on RAW this week is reportedly for his return.

A source close to Bloom report that his wife recently had a baby and with him getting ready to turn 40 years old, it made more sense to return to WWE. adds that Bloom is set to be "pushed right to the top" when he returns.

WWE Superstar Yoshi Tatsu wrote on Twitter that the letters seen on Lord Tensai's body in the teaser video were Japanese. Tatsu added that Tensai means "a natural disaster or an act of God."

A fan wrote on Twitter last night that the back tattoo on Lord Tensai was common and could be anyone. Bloom replied that he agreed.

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