Thursday, March 22, 2012

Victory Road 2012

This TNA PPV was actually pretty good considering it didn't really seem to have anything worth watching. I mean the main event was a non-title match... when has that ever happened? This was basically just another episode of Impact, but a good one for a change! 

They made the match between Bully Ray and James Storm a #1 Contenders Match. Bully Ray took a drink of Storms beer, but when he turned around Storm kicked the beer right out of his mouth and pinned him for the three count. James Storm is still the #1 Contender. 

Possibly the best match on the whole PPV was the X-Division Championship match between the Champion Austin Aries and the #1 Contender Zima Ion. Despite being blinded by Ion's hairspray, Austin Aries was still able to hit the Brain-Buster and then lock in his submission hold which forced Zima to tap out. During the match, Aries made wrestling history when he became the first wrestler to ever Tweet during his match live on the air. Some might call it stupid, but I thought it was funny. 

The Tag-Team Championship Match was pretty bad. The Champions Samoa Joe and Magnus retained their titles when Crimson turned on his partner Matt Morgan. So for the third time in a row, Magnus pins Morgan to win the match (in addition to defeating Morgan one on one for the King Ka Ring Championship in India). Crimson's undefeated streak is still in-tacked, but I have a feeling Morgan will be ending it very soon. The TNA Tag-Team division needs something to save it, and I think help is on the way. A promo was shown for a returning Motor City Machine Guns. It basically said they weren't close to being finished and in fact they were just getting started. I think their return is long overdue. I still think if Chris Sabin was injured his partner Alex Shelly should have made a run as a singles wrestler, and not just one match against Austin Aries. 

Another highlight of the show, Robbie E's open invitational match for his Television Championship. The crowd was chanting RVD because everyone is waiting for the return of Rob Van Dam who is rumored to be returning very soon and is set to face Robbie E upon his return. However, that wasn't the case this time. Instead Devon came out of the crowd and challenged Robbie E. The crowd was really behind him, and I was too. Devon won the match and I believe his first singles title ever!

The Knockout's Championship match, sorry to say, but as usual was boring and predictable. Gail Kim defeated her former best friend and Knockout's Tag-Team Champions partner Madison Rayne to retain her Knockout's Championship. I guess she proved she was the better one of their team.

AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson won their Tag-Team Match against Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. In the end it was AJ that hit the Styles-Clash and got the three count for the win. It was just great to see Mr. Anderson back in the ring. I just can't really understand how a company that has talent such as AJ, Anderson, Hardy, Angle, and Rob Van Dam can have such a hard time putting together a decent PPV or a decent main event. Pick any two of those guys, put any title on the line, and you've got a great main event!

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy was the match I was expecting to steal the show, and while it was a decent match the pathetic finish ruined it all as far as I'm concerned. Jeff hit the Swanton-Bomb, but Angle rolled him over and grabbed the ropes to hold him down for the three count. Not only did the referee not notice Angle holding the ropes, but he also didn't notice that Hardy's one shoulder was up the whole time. Talk about a bad finish. I'm sorry to say it, but Angle seems to have gone off the deep end in real life, and his matches have been going downhill fast. I think this whole thing with the Olympics isn't going to work and I think he is nearing the end of his career. TNA needs to look to someone else to take over his spot in the company. But that's just my opinion. 

Main Event. Sting vs TNA Champion Bobby Roode. Non-Title Match. Since when is a PPV Main Event a Non-Title Match? That was a stupid idea in my opinion. They also made it a No-Holds-Barred Match, but never used any weapons and no one interfered in the whole match. So that's basically false advertising right there. The finish of the match was great though. Roode finally brought a chair in the ring, set it up right in the middle of the ring, presumably to drop Sting on. But Sting fought back and had Roode for the Scorpion Death Drop, but when Sting swung back and dropped him he smashed his own head right through the chair that Roode had set up in the middle of the ring and knocked himself out cold. Roode eventually managed to roll over and pin Sting for the win. 

In my opinion, that match should have been for the Championship, since Roode was going to win anyways. It also did not need to be No-Holds-Barred because the only weapon used was a chair and it wasn't used on anyone, Sting just fell backwards into it. So as far as I know that would not have got Roode disqualified. As for all the BS after the match, that was horrible and unnecessary. The crowd already hates Bobby Roode, why did he need to go after Dixie again after the match? And what did he really do? He duct taped Sting to the ropes in the corner, but then he never hit Sting or Dixie, so what was the point. No one came out to help. This would have been a great way to put over James Storm vs Bobby Roode by having Storm come out to rescue Dixie and Sting and go after Roode. But instead the show just ended on a sour-note in my opinion leaving me wondering... what was the whole point?

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