Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why Christian & Alberto Were Pulled From Wrestlemania

WWE sources have confirmed that Christian was pulled from the WrestleMania 28 Team Laurinaitis vs. Team Long match because of issues with his ankle. The decision to pull Christian was made early on Monday.

Regarding Alberto Del Rio being pulled, WWE officials looked at the 12-man match and felt that Del Rio didn't fit in it. They are planning on pushing Del Rio soon and didn't want him in a match that will be full of comedy and other shenanigans. With that said, it's interesting to note that they kept guys like Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and The Miz in the match.

It's said that WWE has something grander planned for Del Rio this year. Instead of returning in the 12-man match, officials want Del Rio to have a more dramatic return to the company. Even though he recently participated in the angle with John Laurinaitis, the original plan was to do Del Rio vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania and sources report that the Orton vs. Del Rio feud is still planned. The decision to pull Del Rio was made in the last week some time.

Despite being pulled from the match, expect Del Rio and Christian to appear in a backstage WrestleMania segment or Del Rio could even work the dark match.

That doesn't make any sense since it was Christian and Alberto Del Rio that started Team Johnny months ago. Mark Henry was brought in and of course his ass kisser David Otunga was there to take the picture. So basically all they needed to do was add to this team. Instead, they replaced the two top guys, the main leaders of the team. Christian due to injury and apparently Del Rio is too important for this match? Since when?

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