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Adam's Wrestling - One Year

Adam - WWE Champion
I started this blog one year ago today. I believe Wrestlemania 27 was on Sunday April 3rd 2011. The very next day I decided to make a blog and write about it. Since then I have continued adding to the blog every day. I've been blogging about all the news and rumours in the wrestling world, as well as giving my opinions and reviews of the PPVs and major events.

So far my blog has over 350,000 page views and its growing faster and faster. I never expected it to catch on so fast. I don't have a writing staff or anyone else to help out. I have done the entire blog on my own. Some of the stories and articles are from various sources but they were all chosen by me and pieced together by me. 

I wanted to do this because I have been a wrestling fan every since I was old enough to watch it on TV. I was over at my friend Tim's house one day after school and he used to watch it with his Dad all the time. So they let me watch it with them. I was blown away. I went home and told my Dad about it and we started watching it together all the time. He used to set our VCR to record Saturday Nights Main Event for me so I could watch it in the morning. 

Adam 3:16
I still remember the first time my Dad took me down to the local video story called "Videoflicks" and we asked if they had a wrestling section, and they did. A very small shelf in the kids section lol. He told me to go back and pick one out. Well Wrestlemania 5 had just come out on VHS and that was the one I wanted to rent. We took it home and watched Hulk Hogan vs The Macho Man Randy Savage for the WWF Championship with Miss Elizabeth caught in the middle. It was great. I think over time we went back and rented every wrestling tape they had.

The following year Wrestlemania 6 was in Toronto at the new Skydome. The WWF Champion Hulk Hogan was fighting the Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior. My whole family and some of their friends all went to a local bar called Ricky Joes and waited there all day just to watch the show on their satellite dish. My Dad was actually late for the show and security wouldn't let him in because the building was at maximum capacity for the fire code. My mom actually had to go outside and sneak him in lol. I remember watching the main event with my Dad and he was shocked that I was cheering for the Ultimate Warrior because I had always been a Hulk Hogan fan. So he cheered for Hogan and I cheered for the Warrior.It was a great moment for sure. One that I will never forget. 

Adam, The Anvil, & Ryan
In the years that followed one of my Dad's friends got a satellite dish of his own and invited us over to his house to watch the PPVs. Pretty soon word got out and everyone we knew was at that house watching the shows with us. I remember sitting there on the floor watching Wrestlemania 9 when Yokozuna defeated Bret Hart for the WWF Championship and Hulk Hogan came out to his rescue and defeated Yokozuna and won back the WWF Championship for the last time.

After that everyone sort of lost interest in wrestling for a while. There were no more PPV parties at my Dad's friends house. We did not go back to Ricky Joes. Hulk Hogan was gone and so was the entire Hulkamania era from the 80s. No more Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, or any of the other Champions I had grown up watching. I'm sorry to say but I wasn't watching during the Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart days. I did not return until a new wrestler named Stone Cold Steve Austin had arrived. 

Adam @ Raw (Bret Hart Night)
I had actually started watching again because my friends at school had told me about WCW and how Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man were there now. I had been aware of WCW when I was a kid. I was actually the only one of my friends that even knew what it was. I remember my uncle gave me a WCW shirt with Sting on it when I was a kid and I loved wearing it to school. None of my friends knew who Sting was lol. So when WCW became the number one wrestling company and all my friends started watching it I thought I should check it out since I was the first one to every tell anyone about it lol. 

I was shocked at what I saw though. By now Hulk Hogan was known as Hollywood Hogan and he was the leader of the New World Order. Razor Ramon who was my favorite new WWF star was there but he was just Scott Hall. Diesel was with him but he was Kevin Nash. The Macho Man was known as The Madness. There was a Giant there who claimed to be the son of Andre The Giant. It was awesome!

Adam @ Wrestlemania 18
Then the whole "Screw Job" happened in Montreal and it was as if everyone suddenly remembered the WWF existed and switched the channel to see what was going on. I didn't know who anyone there was because they were all new rookies, but I liked what I saw. Stone Cold Steve Austin became my new favorite. Everyone couldn't help but love Austin 3:16 and DX! The Rock was becoming a huge star, and Triple H and Mick Foley were still just starting out.

I wouldn't say I was back full time yet but I was getting there. It wasn't until Wrestlemania 15 that I finally came back. When The Rock was fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin in the main event I remember me and my best friend Ryan decided we had to go down to Ricky Joes and watch the PPV. We couldn't miss it. So two underage teenagers snuck into the bar and pops and food all night and watched the show on the big screen. It was great. Stone Cold won the match and we were hooked again. A new form of Hulkamania had begun!

Ever since then I have been loyal to the WWF which later became the WWE. They put WCW and ECW out of business and became the only wrestling company, that is until TNA and ROH started. Eventually my friends all grew up and stopped watching again, but for some reason I haven't. Maybe I didn't grow up or maybe I'm crazy lol. But I still like it better than anything else on TV!

I think wrestling was at its all time best just after WWF bought WCW and became the WWE. 2001-2002-2003 around that time. I was at Wrestlemania 18 in Toronto when The Rock faced Hulk Hogan. It was the very next night on Raw that Brock Lesnar debuted and he instantly became my new favourite wrestler. Triple H had been filling in for Stone Cold in my mind, but I was just waiting for "The Next Big Thing" and Brock was it. So for the next two years I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what he would do next. And I was never disappointed. That is until he left.

When Brock left he didn't just take away the best wrestler we had ever seen, he left us with John Cena as his replacement. For the next 8 years we were forced to watch John Cena win every match and become the greatest Champion in history. Yet no one actually likes him. And nothing he does is impressive. I think most of the fan resentment towards him comes from knowing that his spot and everything he has accomplished should have been Brock! 

Well I could not think of a better way to celebrate one year of my wrestling blog than to have Brock Lesnar finally return and without even saying a word, to just pick up John Cena and F5 him in the middle of the ring!

My Wrestling Timeline

Wrestlmania 5
Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man
My Dad rented it from Videoflicks for me

Wrestlemania 6
Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior
I watched it at Ricky Joes with my parents

Wrestlemania 9
Bret Hart vs Yokozuna... Hulk Hogan Wins!
My whole family watched it at my Dad's friend Roger's House

Wrestlemania 15
The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
I went back to Ricky Joes, this time with my friend Ryan

Wrestlemania 18
Divas Match - Trish Stratus vs Lita vs Jazz
 You can see me about 20 seconds into the video, during Jazz's entrance. 
Ryan is there with me, but you can't see him

Summer Slam 2004
Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit (Orton's First Championship)
I was there, I was supposed to go with Ryan but I took my girlfriend instead lol

Raw in Toronto
Bret Hart wins United States Championship
I was there! I was living in Toronto and my friend Jen had an extra ticket!

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