Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hulk Hogan's New TNA!

The story I've gathered is that Hulk Hogan was brought into TNA to try to help TNA actually compete with the WWE. So he did what needed to be done. He brought in major stars from the WWE, particularly: Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Ken Anderson. He changed the ring to a traditional four sided ring. And most of all he made the show exciting. There were title changes, huge matches, everyone was given a huge push. But then something happened, suddenly it was as if the company pulled back and stopped trying to compete with the WWE and just started doing the same old thing. 

In an interview with Hulk Hogan he was asked about this. His answer was that when he came in he was told they were going to be trying to become the top wrestling promotion in the world. But after a while the decision was made that they were happy to stay second best and did not want to spend the money or make the effort needed to compete with the WWE. As a result, Hogan said he had no interest in being a part of that kind of company. So as his waited for his contract to end TNA made an exit plan for Hogan. He was to lose to Sting, who would give the company back to Dixie Carter, and in return she would hire Sting to take over Hogan's job. And that is what happened. And since Sting took over, I'm sorry to say, but TNA was worse than ever. For months Bobby Roode was TNA Champion and nothing worth watching was going on at all. Clearly, Hogan was the one pushing for change, and without him, TNA was falling apart. TNA needed to bring him back and give it another try. So a new plan was brought in to bring him back.

That plan was for Sting to step down from running TNA and go back to being a wrestler. Sting begged Dixie to give Hogan another shot, and she did. So now Hogan is back. Only this time the story is that he is without Bischoff. So now Hogan is trying to do what is right, and help push the big stars rather than the Heels. No more Immortal or Fortune. Instead, Hogan is pushing his guys: Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Ken Anderson. Was it a shock to anyone that as soon as Hogan was put back in charge Rob Van Dam suddenly decided to return? Or was it a shock that the very next Impact after Lockdown, the main even was a triple threat number one contenders match between: Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Ken Anderson? These are Hogan's guys, and they should be, they are the biggest stars in TNA. 

Its ironic... when Hogan took over TNA the first time, the very first thing he did was make Rob Van Dam his TNA Champion. Now for Hogan's second time around, what is the first thing he is doing? Making Rob Van Dam Champion! And all I can say is THANK GOD! That triple threat main event was the best match on Impact in months. The ending was a shock though because I didn't expect RVD to pin Hardy like that. But I was just happy that he won. 

The story from Lockdown is that Sting's plan was to make James Storm the next TNA Champion. Storm was supposed to win the title at Lockdown. And the next rumour is that after Storm won the title Bully Ray was going to be next in line for the title after him. Well I think that would have sucked. So as soon as Hogan stepped in he apparently made the last minute decision that Storm wasn't the guy and he was not going to win the title at Lockdown. Hogan's next decision seems to be that RVD is going to be the guy at Sacrifice. Hopefully he will win the title and defend it against Hardy and Anderson in the next few PPVs. 

I also like all the other new ideas being added to TNA. The Gut Check and the Open Fight Night. Things are finally getting exciting in TNA again, and I think we have Hogan to thank. I know he gets a lot of heat on the internet, from guys like the Ultimate Warrior and Scott Steiner, but I don't know all the details I just know what I see on TV... and what I saw on Impact this past week was better than anything I've seen in TNA in months! 

So all I can say is THANK YOU HULK HOGAN!

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