Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scott Steiner Twitter Rage

So this Scott Steiner story has been going on for a while now. I haven't bothered to write about it because I thought it was stupid and it wouldn't last very long. But its still going lol. 

Apparently TNA fired Scott Steiner, so what does Scott do? He goes on Twitter and starts telling off everyone in TNA lol. Particularly Hogan and Bischoff who he blames. He says things like they are ruining TNA, they ruined the wrestling business. He insults them personally and their families. He even says he never liked them, that he only pretended to like them. Its insane. 

Anyways, here are a few Steiner quotes...
  • "U R a fool Hogan-U n bischoff arrogantly came into Tna n disrespected n sh-t on evrybdy bhind closed doors n in the media," Steiner wrote. "N u didnt think u were going to piss ppl off
  • "U unprofessional mothrf--k'rs attackd AJ,Roode,Angle n Borash n the media,but to attack Angle professionally n personally was bullsh-t... Which i will address later,YOU,bischoff n pritchard book the show,tell me how u lobbying yurself to get me back,U lying piece of sh-t... No believes yur bullsh-t,U see money n talent in me really,U also think b---hoffs son is the future of wrestling F-ck U
  • "Yur an idiot,U intro me to yur family n im nice doesnt mean i give a f-ck about u N and yur bust-out family... Put yur daughter on the corner n see if she can earn money on her back bcuz she cant sing or dance
  • "U dont know....u dont know who i am and what im capable of..yur creative control wont help u in real life situations"
Hogan posted a reply at one point saying that as soon as he heard Steiner was fired he was trying to get him his job back, but after reading all of his comments Hogan said he finally knows the real Scott Steiner. I guess that means he wont be getting his job back lol.  

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