Thursday, April 5, 2012

What WWE Should Do With Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle
After an 8 year absence, the WWE finally has the chance to pick up where they left off with Brock Lesnar. The only question is, what will they do with him? Well here is what I think they should do...

The Big Show is currently the Intercontinental Champion. I would have Brock challenge The Big Show at Extreme Rules and win the Intercontinental Championship. They had a great feud 8 years ago and I think the fans would love to see if Brock can still F5 The Big Show!

 While this is going on at Extreme Rules, I would have Mark Henry defeat Santino Marella for the United States Championship. This would set up a Title vs Title Match between Intercontinental Champion Brock Lesnar and United States Champion Mark Henry at the next PPV, which I believe is Over The Limit. Brock would win the match and become a double Champion! 

Mark Henry
When Brock was in the WWE before he won the King Of The Ring and the Royal Rumble. He was also the Undisputed WWE Champion. But he has never been Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, Tag-Team Champion or World Champion. So I would like to see him do the things he never did before, rather than redoing anything again.

So after winning both Intercontinental and United States Championships, I would like to see Brock win the Tag-Team Championships, but he would need a partner. Who should be Brock's partner?

This would all be leading up to a World Championship match between Brock and Sheamus. I would have Brock finally end the reign of Sheamus. But I would have Brock winning these other titles for the next few months to allow Sheamus to have a decent title reign. 

I also think it would be interesting to see Brock call out Ezekiel Jackson and challenge him to bring the ECW Championship out of retirement and defend it against him. This would be pretty cool at Extreme Rules in an Extreme Rules Match. Brock would win the match and become ECW Champion.

That would only leave such former titles as the European Championship, the Hardcore Championship, the Million Dollar Championship, some version of the Television Championship, and finally Zack Ryder's Internet Championship lol. 

I would also love to see Brock get his World Title Shot by winning the Money In The Bank Match. He should compete in as many different matches as possible: Cage, First Blood, Table, Ladder, TLC, Last Man Standing, Falls Count Anywhere, No Holds Barred, Hardcore, etc. 

I also think Paul Heymen should be involved. But I think that would set up something with Brock and CM Punk, who was refereed to as a "Heymen Guy" and that could be the WWE Championship Match. 

I would also love to see Sable return to manage Brock. She is his wife in real life. She could win the Divas Championship, a title she has never held. They could be the power couple in the WWE. 

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