Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

When Brock Lesnar "broke" Triple H's arm on Raw two weeks ago, the general assumption was that WWE had set the wheels in motion for its SummerSlam main event. Unfortunately, the creative team appears to be in a panic, and those plans could be changing in a hurry.

According to Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Weekly, there is talk backstage of pushing the Lesnar-Triple H match up to No Way Out in June.

Paul Heyman is expected to be a regular on WWE TV to keep the Brock storyline alive through whenever the HHH match takes place. Originally the plan was to do it at SummerSlam, but there is a feeling within WWE that the company may rush it forward to the June or July PPV...

This news should not come as a surprise. WWE rushes its storylines constantly because the man running the entire ship—Vince McMahon—books week-to-week instead of trying to tell organic stories that make sense and will have a big payoff that makes him a lot of money.

Lesnar vs Triple H, like Lesnar vs. Cena, is a major main event that should be put in a position to draw the most money possible. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that any show not in the Big Three—Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and SummerSlam—is not going to resonate with the audience enough for them to buy the show.

Even the Lesnar vs. Cena match at Extreme Rules, which surely did a better number than the typical B-show simply because it was Lesnar's first match back, would have been better off taking place at one of the big shows because, if done right, it could have done big business.

With WWE considering moving the Lesnar vs. Triple H match up two months, you lose out on two months of story and tension that can be built, thus minimizing the emotional investment the fans have in seeing the story get paid off, and you waste a major main event on a show that is going to do maybe 150,000-200,000 buys, and that's if everything goes right.

SummerSlam has been treated as a joke in recent years, and it has shown in the buy rates. Last year, WWE tried to rush the CM Punk returns angle just for the sake of getting him on the show against John Cena, and it did a disastrous buy rate because the angle was rushed.

Plus, WWE only has Lesnar under contract for 24 more dates. A lot of those need to be used for WrestleMania season next year, so unless the company has designs to use him a lot now and keep him off television from, say, the first Raw after SummerSlam to the day after Royal Rumble, they will have to negotiate extra dates to sign him up for.

Now is not the time for WWE to make a shortsighted panic move to get a small bump for a B-show when it could tell a strong, cohesive story and get a big bump on one of its premier pay-per-views.

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