Saturday, May 26, 2012

Impact Report

Bobby Roode defeated AJ Styles to break AJ's record as the longest reigning TNA Champion in history. Hulk Hogan chose AJ over Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Bully Ray to get the chance to face Roode for the championship on Impact. 

Rob Van Dam called out Gunner who defeated him on a PPV and wanted revenge. RVD defeated Gunner to even the score. Gail Kim, with Madison Rayne, called out the Knockouts Tag-Team Champions Eric Young and ODB for a rematch for the titles. EY was distracted on the outside and they double teamed ODB for the win and to regain their titles. 

Devon called out Baby Bischoff for a Television title match, but the Jersey Shore boys came out and attacked them. I love that they tried to make the Television title mean something and have it defended every week, but if they keep having stupid matches against losers the title will be even more of a joke than it already was. Since Devon was forced to defend it every week he has called out Bully Ray, Robbie E, Robbie T and now Garrett Bischoff... wow that is really a who's who of wrestling today lmao.


They had the next edition of Gut Check. The new contestant, Joey Ryan, looked like a 70s or 80s pornstar lol. He was given a match with Austin Aries and it was actually a great match. The kid has a stupid gimmick but he was entertaining. Much better than the kid last month. At least this guy didn't just ran around swinging wildly, he actually did wrestling moves. So if they gave that first loser who didn't know how to wrestle a contract, they set the bar really low and now everyone that is better than him, which should be everybody, should get a contract with TNA. 

Ric Flair apparently double crossed TNA and gave him the contract against TNA orders, which makes no sense to me. But that is their excuse for giving that loser a TNA contract. I am interested to see what they do with this guy. 

So if I understand correctly, Gail Kim is the longest reigning Knockouts Champion. Bobby Roode is the longest reigning TNA Champion. And Austin Aries is the longest reigning X Division Champion as well as the longest reigning champion of any kind in TNA history. So all the current champions are the greatest of all time. Devon has had more Television title defenses than anyone else lol. EY was the first man to hold a Knockouts Championship lol.

But next week Impact goes Live at 8pm! And Brooke Hogan will be making her debut as the new head of the Knockouts Division. Sting made his return at the end of Impact to ruin Bobby Roode's celebration, and Hogan announced that the first match at 8pm, live next week, will be Roode vs Sting for the TNA Championship in a lumberjack match! 

Will Sting end the reign of Bobby Roode?

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