Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is This The End Of Rob Van Dam

When Hulk Hogan took over TNA he brought in Rob Van Dam as his top star. RVD made his TNA debut by defeating Sting in less than 1 minute. He then went on to beat Jeff Hardy to become the number 1 contender for the TNA Championship. After that he challenged the TNA Champion AJ Styles for the championship and won! It was the biggest moment in TNA history as far as I'm concerned. Rob Van Dam is a major star and possibly the most talented wrestler of all time. To have him as your company's champion makes your company very important. 

Unfortunately, this did not last for long, just like every time RVD moves to the top, he falls quickly. Abyss attacked RVD and left him a bloody mess backstage. RVD was stripped of the championship. Jeff Hardy would win the tournament, turn heel and take over as the top star in TNA. RVD was pushed aside. I expected they were building a feud between RVD and Hardy which would make sense and draw huge money, but they never did. Hardy never challenged RVD when he was champion, and RVD never challenged Hardy when he was champion. They had a perfect set up, RVD was babyface, Hardy was heel, they were the top two stars in the company. But it didn't happen. Hardy main evented PPVs defending his title against Matt Morgan. RVD fought Abyss. Then Hardy was out of the company and in rehab. I assumed RVD would take over the top spot again, but he didn't. Anderson didn't even take over either. This past year has been wasted on Beer Money. Roode and Storm split up after the Bound For Glory tournament and have been feuding all year. Bobby Roode is the longest reigning TNA Champion in history now.

All I can think is how did this happen? Where was Hardy while Roode was the champion? Rehab. Where was Anderson? I have no idea. Where was RVD? Doing stand up comedy at bars and clubs. WTF? TNA wrote RVD off TV by having him lose to Gunner. It was pathetic and embarrassing. Finally RVD makes his return and unlike Anderson and Hardy who have floated around the mid-card failing to get a title shot, RVD went right to the top and challenged Roode for his title. RVD defeated Anderson and Hardy to earn that chance. He then defeated Anderson, Hardy, and Roode to earn the right to choose the match stipulation, and he chose Ladder. The stage was set for RVD to finally win back the title he never lost. 


Instead, RVD lost the Ladder match to Roode. He didn't just lose he appeared to be badly injured. RVD looked like he snapped his knee through the ladder. He clearly had busted open his elbow earlier in the match. And in the end, RVD looked like he knocked himself out when he fell smashing the back of his head on a steel chair. I have never seen RVD suffer a loss like that. He was defeated at his own match, and by someone clearly not at his level. He was finally defeated for the TNA Championship, something that has never happened. He can no longer say he never lost that title, and act like he is the uncrowned champion of TNA because he finally had his rematch for the title and he lost clean with no excuses. RVD is no longer the uncrowned champion of TNA, he is no  longer the top guy in TNA. He lost to Roode. 

AJ & Angle
If that wasn't bad enough, the next night on Impact RVD was in a match to earn a chance to face Roode the following week on Impact for the title again. But RVD lost the one on one match clean to Bully Ray. How embarrassing is that for RVD? He was clearly injured, his elbow and his knee wrapped up, but there was no interference or anything, he just lost to Bully Ray. If there was going to be a Fatal Four Way for a shot at the title, you think the top 4 in TNA would be RVD, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Ken Anderson. Instead, Angle snuck back into the picture, and RVD is out!

So the only question left is why? Why is RVD being knocked down and out? Is he old, is he looking to retire? Is he really badly injured? Or is TNA punishing him for leaving to go do comedy? What is going on? All I can say is I'm sick of Bobby Roode and I don't care about seeing James Storm as champion. I really don't want to see Bully Ray move into the main event picture. There are only 5 stars in TNA and they should be the only ones in the main event. And that is not including Sting who has once again vanished.

The top 5 stars in TNA are... Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, AJ Styles, and Kurt Angle. As long as one of them isn't the champion, then the company is a joke. And the fact that RVD lost to Roode and Bully Ray is pathetic. All I can say is WHY TNA WHY???

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