Sunday, May 13, 2012

John Cena Divorce Update

John Cena has filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart, Liz Huberdeau. Cena states that the marriage is "irretrievably broken." The couple had been married for three years, and had signed a prenup in 2009 which allowed Cena to take back any gifts and presents.

Huberdeau has acquired the services of attorney Raymond Rafool, who represented Linda Hogan during her bitter divorce from Hulk Hogan. During the trial, Linda Hogan received a reported 70% of her ex-husband's assets. A source told the newspaper that this divorce would "dwarf the Hogan divorce in nastiness."

"Although it is indeed unfortunate that John Cena decided to divorce his high school sweetheart Liz Cena; particularly, after they have come so far in their lives and in his career together, Liz will and really has no choice but to pursue all of her rights and entitlements," Rafool told The Miami Herald. "Although Mr. Cena pushes a prenuptial agreement and that the parties have only been married for approximately 3 years, Liz Cena has always supported John Cena, even when no one else did, and stood behind him and pushed him forward to achieve their goals for the last 14 years. Sadly, divorce is not the way Liz thought her perfect love story would end."

TMZ has picked up on the story, and reports that Huberdeau was "blindsided" by the filing. According to the gossip website, the couple had their issues, but Huberdeau thought that they would be able to work through them. TMZ goes on to note that Cena recently approached her with a pre-divorce financial settlement agreement, but she refused to sign it.

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