Monday, May 21, 2012

Poll Closed: Fatal-Four-Way

Poll Closed: Who Will Win The Fatal-Four-Way Match At Over The Limits For The World Championship? I was surprised, one of the 4 men in the match didn't receive a single vote. Alberto Del Rio, who is the only one that has never held the World Championship, did not get any votes. The Champion Sheamus only received 1 vote, that is also surprising. My pick, Chris Jericho, came in second. But the clear favourite is the franchise player in the WWE and on Smackdown, the one guy that is clearly the best in the match, Randy Orton!
  • Randy Orton 5 (62%) 
  • Chris Jericho2 (25%)
  • Sheamus (Champion)1 (12%)
  • Alberto Del Rio0 (0%)

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