Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TNA Sacrifice 2012

I must say this was the best TNA PPV I can remember. I wasn't happy with the outcome of every match but despite who won the matches were very impressive... all except for one. 

The tag-team championships finally changed hands in a good match between Samoa Joe & Magnus vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. I still wish they would have had Anderson & Hardy form a tag-team and win the titles. It would be a great team.

I was disappointed that Brooke Tessmacher did not win the Knockouts Championship from Gail Kim who cheated to steal the win, but it was still a great match. I just don't understand. TNA put over Tessmacher by having her defeat Kim three times in the past three weeks, but when they finally had the PPV match Gail won. So what was the whole point. I thought they were finally going to give Tessmacher the belt.


Gail Cheats
The Television match wasn't too great. Devon managed to beat both Robbie E and Robbie T in a triple threat match which was more or less a handicap match. I didn't find it believable that Devon could beat them both. And the Robbies didn't even really turn on each other, they even hugged and made up after the match. It was lame. But this wasn't the one match that I didn't like, it was what I expected it to be. I think Devon should  have came out and said he was going to even the score, and called out his old partner The Pope, and made the match a Fatal Four Way. I would have had The Pope win the match and the Television Championship. They need to make that title more exciting!

Aries Back
The match that I was really disappointed with was Jeff Hardy vs Ken Anderson. This match had the potential to steal the show and top the main event. Instead it made no sense at all. Hardy used Anderson's Mic-Check on him, but then didn't even bother to go for a pin. Anderson used Hardy's Twist-Of-Fate on him, but didn't get the pin. Anderson tried a Swanton-Bomb, but landed on Hardy's knees. Hardy then tried a Swanton-Bomb, but Anderson kicked out. In the end, Anderson just rolled up Hardy, who clearly kicked out at 2, but the referee Earl said it was a 3 and rang the bell. Both Anderson and Hardy looked upset, but shook hands and walked away. It was just stupid.

But the low point may have been when Crimson came out and issued an open challenge. Eric Young came out to answer his challenge and was defeated. It was lame, but what else could you expect. EY is a joke and every match Crimson has just sucks.

Its a shame TNA has lost Matt Morgan back to the WWE. Morgan had real potential, unlike Crimson.

Aries vs Bully
Possibly the match that exceeded expectations the most and possibly stole the show was Bully Ray vs Austin Aries. The highlight of the match came early when Aries was on the top rope and Bully kicked him in the face and sent him backwards all the way into the steel divider. It took Aries a few minutes to return to the ring, and when he did he had 2 visible marks on his back where he crashed into the steel. Bully worked on the back after that. But eventually Aries got the advantage when Joseph Park came to his rescue. Aries even managed to lift Bully Ray up for the Brain-Buster which nobody thought he could do. However, Bully kicked out. Bully then went for a power-bomb but Aries got out of it, and when Bully landed face down on the mat Aries locked in his submission hold called the Last-Chancery. Bully Ray tapped out.

RVD vs Roode
Kurt Angle had a random match with AJ Styles in the aftermath of the pictures of AJ and Dixie Carter being revealed on the last Impact. This match was phenomenal. It stole the show. It was better than every main event TNA has had all year. They did everything, used every move they each had. Only they both kept kicking out. It was looking like there would be no end. Angle even stole the Styles-Clash, but AJ kicked out. AJ went for his 450 splash when he springs off the ropes from the outside apron. Only this time it wasn't a 450 splash. Instead of coming all the way around and landing on his chest, AJ only came half way around and crashed on his back on top of Angle. Not sure if that was planned or just happened, but it looked impressive. I thought AJ was going to go for the Spinal-Tap next, but Daniels and Kazarian came out to get involved. In the middle of the distraction, Angle locked on the Ankle-Lock and made AJ tap out. Great Match!

Angle vs Styles
Main Event. Rob Van Dam vs Champion Bobby Roode. This was a Ladder Match, which was Rob's choice. This was a great match, but the wrong guy won. After all the build up, and a fan poll that had 75% voting that RVD should win, the actual winner was Roode. They did every big ladder move, including a Roode spin-buster onto the steel ladder. RVD hit the rolling-thunder onto Roode who was on the ladder. But in the end, RVD went for his Five-Star-Frog-Splash onto Roode who was laying on the steel ladder, only Roode rolled out of the way and RVD splashed onto the steel ladder and rolled out of the ring. Roode set up the ladder and went for the belt. RVD climbed the ropes and jumped onto the ladder. Only his foot slipped through the ladder and he fell, snapping his leg and knee in the ladder. This caused the ladder to fall and as it fell it snapped RVD's leg and knee again but in the other direction. It looked bad, worse than Aries fall earlier. It looked like RVD blew out his knee for sure. Roode set up the other ladder and again went for the belt. RVD tried to climb that ladder with one leg, but Roode kicked him off the ladder, and RVD smashed the back of his head on a steel chair that was laying in the ring. RVD looked like he knocked himself out after already wrecking his knee. It looked bad. Roode pulled down the belt and won the match. RVD snapped, throwing the ladders and leaving the ring instead of letting the trainers look at him. I was so disappointed that RVD didn't win the belt, but it was an amazing match!

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