Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Ric Flair Is Out Of TNA

There have been rumours recently that Ric Flair is on extremely bad terms with TNA. No one was quite sure as to why, but it was clear he was off television and rumours were flying over the internet that he may have left the company or been fired.

Well the story that I am hearing is that the major issue that lead to the tension between Ric Flair and TNA, and could potentially be one reason why Flair left the company, was the handling of the Gut Check segment on Impact featuring Alex Silva.

Apparently, Ric Flair went off the script when he chose Silva as the winner, which is now causing issues for TNA as not only did Flair go into business for himself, but Alex Silva is from Quebec, requiring TNA to spend more time and money getting him a U.S. Visa if they want to use him with any amount of regularity.

So does this mean that Alex Silva was not supposed to be given a contract in TNA, but that Ric Flair decided to screw over the company and vote to hire him anyways? That doesn't really make sense to me since Impact is not live, and this could have been edited out of the show or done over again without Flair as a judge. TNA could have done things to fix this. But the bottom line is that Flair supposedly did this to get fired and now he may be out of TNA because of this.

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