Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WWE Over The Limit 2012

Pre-Show - Kane obviously defeated Zack Ryder. Has Ryder won a match since he defeated Dolph Ziggler to win the United States Championship? Since that night he lost the title to Jack Swagger and then was injured by Kane and out of action for a long time. Since his return he has lost to everyone. 

"People Power Battle Royal" (the winner got to choose either the United States Champion Santino Marrella or the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and have a title match on the PPV later that night). The winner of the over the top rope battle royal was the finally returning Christian. Apparently Christian is baby-face again. The "Peeps" were cheering for him as he eliminated The Miz and David Otunga to win. At first he made the obvious easy choice for Santino, but then changed his mind later to face the heel Cody Rhodes.


Opening match, for the Tag-Team Championships. The Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth retrained their titles against the team of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger who have fallen into obscurity in the mid-card of the WWE. It's a shame, they should both be main eventing and winning titles. I was really hoping they would win this match because they are falling down the card fast and their team has been together for a long time now and they have failed to win the tag titles about a dozen times now and its getting to be a joke. For their shake they either need to win or split up soon!

Divas Championship match. Beth Phoenix attacked Layla's bad knee all through the match. It looked like Beth would destroy her, but then Layla hit her neck-breaker out of nowhere and got the pin-fall. I just wish they would bring Kharma back already. What I've heard is she is read and wants to come back, but the creative team has not been able to come up with a storyline for her yet. That's a joke. They just want to delay her return so Layla can have a run as champion first. And what happened to Natalya? She was the top Diva in the whole WWE. Why has she never faced Beth one on one for the championship? It would be an amazing match. The Divas of Doom finally facing each other!

Fatal Four Way Match. World Championship. This was the best match on the show. And this could have been a main event instead of a mid-card match. Small pop from the crowd for Alberto Del Rio, nothing for Jericho, and not much for Sheamus, but huge pop for Randy Orton. He is clearly on a level way above the others in this match. He may be more over now than ever in his career and the WWE should be taking advantage of that by putting him in the main event with major stars for the WWE Championship instead of facing people that are below him. I thought Alberto Del Rio should win the match because he was the only one of the four in the match that had never held the World Championship before. But the one I was cheering for was Chris Jericho because I hate what the WWE is doing to him, I always have, and I think he should be a major star in the company and hold a championship. I don't like Sheamus and I'm bored of him as champion already. But the bottom line is everyone knows Randy Orton is the star on Smackdown and should be the World Champion. So the longer he goes without the belt, the more of a joke Smackdown becomes. Honestly, would you rather watch Smackdown and see Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Championship... or Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton for the World Championship?


After every major match they always have a joke match on the PPV. Its basically like they give you a bathroom break between real matches lol. This "intermission match" (as I will now refer to them as lol), was The Miz being forced to be a jobber for Brodus Clay. On the last PPV Dolph Ziggler was the jobber, now it was The Miz's turn I guess. But they embarrassed him on step further. They had him come out and try to out dance Brodus Clay. The Miz did a great thriller dance lol. But in the end he was squashed by Brodus just like everyone else... yawn!

After that intermission, Christian came out to challenge Cody Rhodes for the IC title. Rhodes dominated the match, and the announcers kept making comments about Christian being slow, out of shape, having rust, but in the end Christian hit the Kill-Switch out of nowhere and got the pin-fall and won the championship. The crowd seemed happy, so he is back on their good side. I think he should have won the United States Championship, because Santino is not a believable champion, but if Christian defeated Santino he would have been a heel, and for whatever reason, they want him to be a baby-face again.


If I was booking the PPV, the John Cena vs John Laurinaitis match wouldn't have even been on the card. The second main event would have been the World Championship Fatal Four Way. But the real main event would have been the WWE Championship match between CM Punk (Champion) and Daniel Bryan. Before the match CM Punk guaranteed that it would be a "Five Star Classic" and he was right! They did every submission hold they could think of and tried to injury each other. CM Punk attacked Daniel Bryan's leg the whole match. And Bryan attacked Punk's ribs the whole match. This could have been an Iron-Man Match. They never went outside the ring or used a weapon. It was all wrestling talent in the ring. The crowd was split, half chanting CM Punk, half chanting Daniel Bryan, and everyone chanting YES! In the end, Punk hit the running knee in the corner, but Bryan turned Punk's Bulldog into the Yes-Lock. However, Punk managed to flip it over and put Bryan on his back, but Bryan did not let go of the hold. As the referee counted the 3 Punk started to tap out, but just after the bell. Bryan thought he had the submission win, but he didn't realize his shoulders were down. Punk just grabbed his belt and left the ring. It was a great finish, though it was hard to see if Bryan's shoulders were actually down. I actually thought they might have been up and that would have meant that Punk's tap was the finish. It was a great match!

Last Intermission Match. Hunico and Camacho(his bike rider lol) came out to the ring and called out Ryback. Only it wasn't Hunico that wanted to fight Ryback, it was Camacho. Well of course Ryback answered the challenge and destroyed Camacho. Ryback is my new favourite wrestler, but I am getting bored of his jobber matches. At least he is fighting real superstars now, but who the hell is Camacho? Honestly, Ryback could have just had them both in a handicap match. But I would have rather seen Ryback win the battle royal and then either the United States or Intercontinental Championship. What I think the WWE should do for their next PPV is take all three undefeated monsters (Ryback, Brodus Clay, and Lord Tensai), and have them all compete in a triple threat match. That way only one undefeated streak can survive. I would have Ryback beat them both. Prove he is the best monster in the company and have him be the only undefeated wrestler in the company. (Then send him to TNA to crush Crimsion and his undefeated streak too haha). 

The Main Event. John Cena vs John Laurinaitis. If Cena wins then Laurinaitis is fired. If any wrestler interferes in the match they will be fired. Cena was just having fun with Laurinaitis, pouring water on him, spraying him with a fire extinguisher etc. Eventually, Laurinaitis ran away through the crowd, but was dragged back to the ring by the Big Show. The crowd was cheering for the Big Show, who was fired by Laurinaitis last week. Only when Cena picked up Laurinaitis for the Attitude Adjustment, Big Show hit Cena with the WMD. Cena was knocked out and Laurinaitis got the pin. The crowd looked like they were in shock. It was horrible. Obviously Laurinaitis fired the Big Show so that he would be free to interfere in this match, and afterwards Laurinaitis could hire him back. It was all just a waste of time. And this could have been done on Raw or Smackdown. Regardless, Laurinaitis won the match and keeps his job. I speak for everyone I'm sure when I say I wish he was fired. Just like I wish Micheal Cole was fired. But we never seem to get what we want from the WWE.

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