Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brock Lesnar "Nuclear Heat" Backstage

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports that there is "nuclear heat" on Brock Lesnar backstage in WWE. According to the report, Vince McMahon was not aware of Lesnar attending UFC 146 last month until it happened, and the appearance was not to further the "quitting" storyline.

Apparently there have been problems with Lesnar since he re-signed, and the former UFC heavyweight champion is said to be even more difficult to deal with during this stint than his 2002-2004 run. There have been many problems since he returned, which may be why Lesnar went to Las Vegas to meet with UFC President Dana White.

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H is still the scheduled main event for SummerSlam in August. As noted earlier, Triple H was announced earlier today to appear at No Way Out on June 17th to further his storyline with Lesnar. However, rumors have been running rampant in MMA circles today that Lesnar may return to the UFC as soon as this year. Mike Sawyer of wrote on his Twitter that some sort of deal may already be in place for a Lesnar return to the Octagon, although "nothing is signed."

"Had an interesting conversation with someone VERY close to all the Brock Lesnar stuff," Sawyer wrote. "He is fighting THIS YEAR in UFC & not Frank Mir... plans change all the time, but the name I was told isn't Roy [Nelson]... I haven't talked to Lesnar. Someone in the company told me the meeting went well. At this point who knows? If I believed what I heard 100% I would have put it on my website.

"Everyone calm down. Good source, though. Lets see what happens... Who knows. Everyone on both sides is in work mode... nothing is signed. Depends who ya talk too. Hope to see him back. Always enjoy his fights."

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