Saturday, June 23, 2012

Impact Report

TNA Impact Wrestling has been getting better since Hulk Hogan came back and took over for Sting. Ratings are going up and things are getting interesting again. 

In the Hogan Era the greatest champions have been set, Bobby Roode is the longest reigning TNA Champion in history. Gail Kim was the longest reigning Knockout Champion in history (even though Madison Rayne refereed to herself as the longest reigning Knockout Champion on Impact this week). And most of all, Austin Aries, who was brought in to revitalize the X-Division, has been the X-Division Champion longer than anyone in history, and is the longest reigning champion of any kind in TNA history, replacing Beer Money whose Tag-Team title reign previously held the record.

Not only are the current or recent champions the greatest of all time, but now TNA Impact has gone LIVE finally! This will finally make the show exciting and more like WWE Monday Night Raw! By going live, the show won't be spoiled on the internet weeks in advance like it has been in the past. And things could be changed at any point live on the air. It always makes things more exciting and brings in more ratings in my opinion.

With all that said, these things just happen to coincide with the return of the TNA Bound For Glory Series which was great last year in my opinion, even though Bobby Roode was the winner and has been TNA Champion ever since.

Hogan also introduced Open Fight Night, where anyone can challenge anyone. And he also introduced Gut Check where a new talent is brought in and given a chance to earn a contract with TNA. 

Another thing Hogan added was that the Television Championship, currently held by Devon, will be defended every week on Impact... however, I think in all the excitement they must have forgot about that this week because there was no Television Championship match lol. 

This weeks Gut Check had the first ever Knockout contestant, Taeler Hendrix. A fiery redhead who had hair like Lita but stole the moves of Trish Stratus lol. She gave a speech about how she had cancer when she was 21 and overcame it and will make it in wrestling with that same determination. I think Tara gave her a good match and TNA could always use more Knockouts, especially since some of the bigger names haven't been seen in a while, most notably Angelina Love. 

As far as the Open Fight Night, all of the Bound For Glory contestants just took turns calling each other out for matches...
  • Ken Anderson called out Christopher Daniels and defeated him. 
  • Robbie E gave an open challenge, Kurt Angle answered it, and made him tap out. 
  • Magnus called out AJ Styles, and shockingly, Magnus won lol. 
  • Samoa Joe called out James Storm, they were the final two in the battle royal the week before. Storm won. 
  • Bully Ray called out The Pope, and with the help of Abyss, The Pope won.
  • This left Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy. Hulk Hogan said that means they are the odds on favourites since everyone else is afraid to fight them. So Hogan booked them as the main event. It was a good match, RVD avoided the Swanton-Bomb and I thought he was going for his Five-Star-Frog-Splash, but instead went for a 450-Splash, but he missed it. Hardy hit a DDT and then the Twist-Of-Fate for the win. 
Brooke Hogan also had to pick an opponent to face Miss Tessmacher for her Knockouts Championship. It came down to Velvet Sky and Mickie James, but Mickie got the match. Mickie was in control the whole match, but when she went for her finisher, Tessmacher won with another roll-up lol. 

The show should have ended with the Hardy vs RVD match, but TNA added a shitty segment with AJ and Dixie. They were going to confess to their affair. But some ugly chick came out and said she was a drug addict and an alcoholic blah blah blah and AJ and Dixie saved her, and that was their big secret... what a horrible stupid storyline. This is why TNA still sucks. You finally make some decent matches and get the show going good, and you end it with this bullshit. Sorry TNA but you still deserve to be a minor league promotion with this shit! 

PS - Bring Back: Joey Ryan, Generation Me, Amazing Red, Brian Kendrick, Alex Shelley, Matt Morgan, Petey Williams, and every other superstar you fired. And why haven't you hired guys like John Morrison that have left the WWE? You want to add another Knockout why don't you bring in Melina, or any other Diva that has left the WWE? You need real Tag-Teams and you let Generation Me and The Motorcity Machine Guns walk away.

Also, I can't believe Austin Aries chose to forfeit the X-Division Championship. That is pathetic. So what, he wants a main event title shot for the TNA Championship. Spoiler alert, he won't win. Bobby Roode will stay TNA Champion until James Storm wins the Bound For Glory Series and defeats Roode. Just my prediction. So in the meantime, Aries is giving up the X-Division Championship for nothing. Who is going to take over for him? The former Champion Kendrick is gone, Alex Shelly is gone, who do you have left?

Here is my idea: AJ Styles vs Austin Aries in the main event of Destination X to prove once and for all who is the greatest X-Division Champion of all time. It gets AJ out of this Dixie shit and into a real match again. It puts Aries in a main event against a top superstar, who is better than Roode I might add. I would have AJ win the match and the title since Aries wants to get rid of it so bad. Just for the hell of it, I would also have Kurt Angle defeat Devon for the Television Championship. That way the Tag-Team Champions are also the X-Division and Television Champions. And every week when Impact only has Bound For Glory Series matches at least those titles can also still be defended. In singles matches Angle and Styles can defend the singles titles, and they can also have tag-team matches and put the tag titles on the line. It all works. Oh and where does that leave Austin Aries? Still the same title-less loser he will be anyways lol.

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