Wednesday, June 6, 2012

King Of The Ring... Top 10/5

WWE has a new article up ranking the top 10 King of the Ring winners. 

10 - Mabel
9 - Kurt Angle
8 - Edge
7 - Brock Lesnar
6 - Harley Race
5 - Bret Hart
4 - Triple H
3 - Booker T
2 - Randy Savage
1 - Steve Austin

Well first off, Randy Savage and Harley Race never won the King Of The Ring tournament. They just won the crown when it was a gimmick in the 80s. As for the rest, Mabel doesn't even make the list, and Booker T won the King Of The Ring after the PPV was cancelled and it was just a segment on Raw or Smackdown, and I don't think that really counts. So that just leaves 6 and if I drop the worst one, which in my opinion is Edge, here is my re-ranking of the top 5...

5 - Bret Hart
4 - Kurt Angle
3 - Triple H
2 - Steve Austin
1 - Brock Lesnar

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