Sunday, June 3, 2012

TNA Rejects Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan posted the following on his Twitter, following his TNA Gutcheck angle on last night's Impact Wrestling: "What a joke. @IMPACTWRESTLING is pathetic. I'm not good enough for your company? C'mon @TNADixie really? You make me laugh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Don't bring me in just for your NO agenda. It's not my fault that Flair went into business for himself so why am I being punished?! Pritchard, @TheRealAlSnow & @OfficialTaz know that a NO is ridiculous. They know I'm money. I dare Tazz to say something to my face now. Somebody tell Johnny Ace he can reach me at - I know he's not stupid enough to turn down money."

Hulk Hogan addressed Gut Check contestant Joey Ryan on Twitter Friday. Regarding the storyline of Joey Ryan declined a TNA contract on last night's Impact, Hogan said, "Working on the Ryan situation now."

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