Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WWE Wants To Fire Randy Orton

Last Wednesday, the WWE announced the suspension of former world champion Randy Orton following his second violation of the company’s wellness policy program. 

Even though the cause for the suspension has yet to be officially revealed by the WWE, there have been reports that Orton failed after testing positive for the anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is banned in the Controlled Substances Act by the United States Congress.

Prior to the most recent suspension, Orton was suspended in April of 2006 after being caught smoking marijuana in the backstage area of WWE events.

Here are the details from SuperLuchas.net (via WrestlingInc.com) on the meeting between Orton and some of the top WWE executives, including Vince McMahon and Triple H, among others, this past weekend.

A WWE source described the meeting's atmosphere as "hostile;" it was determined that a further decision concerning Orton awaits. The report adds there are "several" officials lobbying for his termination as a cost-cutting measure. They feel his lucrative 10-year contract—signed in January 2010—can no longer be justified if he is brought back in a mid-level role. His second suspension hinders WWE from continuing to feature Orton in headline role since a third drug-testing policy infraction would result in automatic termination.

It makes absolutely no sense for the WWE to cut Orton as a cost-cutting move with the roster being so lean for main event-caliber talent, especially on Smackdown where the Viper is the workhorse of the program.

With that said, Orton has really backed himself into a corner after his second suspension, with the next violation costing him his job in the WWE.

While not being able to make decisions in Orton’s personal life outside of the ring, the Viper should have cared more about his career instead of making careless mistakes in the early part of his career as WWE Champion.

With him on his second of three possible strikes before being terminated from the company, how much longer do you think Randy Orton will remain with the WWE now that people backstage are calling for his job?

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