Sunday, July 29, 2012

Randy Orton's Return

According to Raj Giri on, Randy Orton is scheduled to return to WWE Raw this Monday night.

Having had to sit out a two-month suspension for his second violation of the company's wellness policy, many in the WWE Universe were skeptical as to when and how Orton would return, having seemingly upset many of the company's big names.

The report reveals that not only will Orton return immediately, but he will also be given a major push by WWE officials.

"Orton is expected to be pushed upon his return, and is advertised to face Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio in triple-threat matches for the World Heavyweight Championship throughout the summer and fall," it claims.

The news will come as a big relief for fans of the Viper, who feared that Orton's punishment may have extended beyond the standard two-month suspension.

There were reports not long after he started serving his ban that company golden boy John Cena was calling for Orton to be fired for his transgressions (via

Indeed, in the recently released DVD The Evolution of a Predator, Cena spoke of his past troubles with Orton, "I always joke around there's old Randy and then there's new Randy. Old Randy was an asshole."

With news of his return, it remains to be seen whether or not Orton will return as a heel or whether his push as one of the company's top babyfaces will be maintained.

But with WWE's well-documented lack of depth on its SmackDown roster, few could argue with the WWE's decision to bring him back as soon as possible.

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