Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kevin Nash - Polls Closed

After the stupid comments Kevin Nash made I wrote a few posts about him, showed some of his career highlights and worst power-bombs. I also created 2 polls, one asking if Kevin Nash is an idiot, the other asking who was a better champion, Kevin Nash or all the other smaller wrestlers that he said killed wrestling. Well the polls are both closed and the results are in...

Poll Closed: Is Kevin Nash An Idiot? (144 Votes)
Yes 106 (73%)
No 38 (26%)

Clearly, you all seem to agree with me, YES Kevin Nash is an Idiot!!!

Poll Closed: Who Was A Better Champion? (163 Votes)
CM Punk 83 (50%)
Chris Jericho 50 (30%)
Eddie Guerrero 36 (22%)
Chris Benoit 19 (11%)
Daniel Bryan 10 (6%)
Kevin Nash 10 (6%)

Kevin Nash came in last, technically he tied Daniel Bryan and Bryan has never even won the WWE Championship lol. So Nash is just as good as a small wrestler who has never won the belt lol. Nash said at Wrestlemania 20 when Guerrero and Benoit won both belts wrestling died, well according to me and everyone voting on my blog, Guerrero and Benoit were both better champions that Nash ever was! And just look at how many more people voted for Chris Jericho (who is feuding with Nash over Twitter) and CM Punk (who was feuding with Nash on Raw last year) than voted for Nash. Clearly, Nash has a big mouth but no fan support or people that agree with what he is saying. Clearly, he is an idiot!

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