Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Movie Characters As Wrestlers?

As I was watching the recently released epic The Dark Knight Rises, I was struck by an interesting thought... What if Vince McMahon had the genius to create a character like Bane for the WWE—a powerful, threatening heel with a unique voice that makes both you and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and take notice?

That made me wonder, if the WWE stars can become movie stars, could any movie stars ever become wrestlers? Moreover, could any movie characters become wrestlers? Well, if so, which movie characters would make the best wrestlers?
The ultimate masked man, Rorschach has no friends, but plenty of enemies. In the WWE, he is constantly seen skulking around the corridors and backstage area, decrying the company's declining morals and lack of decency in his deep, raspy voice. In this, he perhaps has one ally—Damien Sandow. Despite often entering his fights as the underdog, Rorschach often surprises his opponents with his fierce, unrestrained fighting style. A future Intercontinental champion?

This man (or "thing") redefines the phrase, "The Big Red Monster." A true brute along the lines of Ryback and Tensai, Hellboy uses his abnormally large right hand to pummel his opponents into dust, notching up easy victory after victory. He is also able to pick up his rivals and throw them a fair mile. However, the smaller, more agile superstars are often able to get the better of him with their quickness, halting Hellboy's early push.

But the obvious choice seems to be this heel in the new Batman movie... Bane. Could you imagine if he walked out on Raw next week, and in that creepy voice challenged John Cena to a match at SummerSlam? Everyone just saw him beat up Batman in Dark Knight Rises. Imagine what he could do to Cena! 

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