Sunday, August 19, 2012

TNA Hardcore Justice

On Sunday night, "Hardcore Justice" aired live on Pay-Per-View and on the internet from Orlando, FL. Catch the replay all this week on your cable or satellite provider, or watch it online around the world this week at Tune into Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV at 8/7c for the aftermath from the event, plus exclusive footage! If you can't watch it, set your DVR to record it.

Quick Results from the Pay-Per-View - scroll down for ringside photos from the event!

  • Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero def. Kid Kash and Gunner
  • BFG Series Match:  Rob Van Dam Def Mr. Anderson and Magnus for 20 points
  • TV Championship:  Devon def. Kazarian
  • Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne Def. Miss Tessmacher
  • BFG Series Tables Match:  Bully Ray Def. Jeff Hardy, Robbie E, and James Storm
  • X Division Championship: Zema Ion Def. Kenny King
  • BFG Series Ladder Match: AJ Styles Def. Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Austin Aries def. Bobby Roode


Results from the Hardcore Justice Pay-Per-View

Tag Team Match
The match started out hot with Kid Kash and Gunner attacking Chavo and Hernandez out the gate but Chavo and Hernandez managed to turn things back around in their favor almost immediately. After a short-lived upper hand Gunner and Kash were able to dominate and wear down their opponents.  After dominating much of the match through wearing mostly tag work that involved wearing down Chavo.  Chavo managed to tag in Hernandez who was able to unleash an offensive that visibly wore down the two and allowed for Hernandez and Chavo to work together with Hernandez flying out of the ring to take care of Gunner allowing Chavo, who made the tag while Hernandez was in mid air to make him legal, to take out Kash with a high risk move and get the pin for the win.  

BFG Series Falls Count Anywhere Match
Before the match even started it was shown that @TheAcesAnd8s were beating down on the Pope who did not make it to the ring at the time and turned it into a 3 way match.  With 20 points on the line each competitor has a lot to gain.  All three men took things outside the ring with the only two facing off at any given time before they all finally brought the fight back into the ring.   After a five star frog splash RVD nearly picked up the win but was taken out of the ring by Magnus before he could get the three count.   But finally after taking out Magnus with a chair up on the entrance ramp he was able to pick up the win and gain 20 points in the BFG Series. 

TV Championship
Kazarian started things by trying to slow Devon down who seemed to want to get a hold of him early on.  This worked for a short while but Devon was able to kick things off and dominate Kazarian.  Throughout the beat down Devon was unleashing, Kazarian kept on trying to leave the arena.  The match progressed and made its way back into the ring.  Kazarian was able to work things in his favor though the crowd was very much on Devon’s sid, but not enough for him to completely turn it around for him yet.  After a very obvious sign of disrespect from Kazarian, Devon was able to deliver a brief offense which was countered by Kazarian and the control continued to go back and forth, after a while Devon was able to unleash a spine buster leading to a pin to retain his championship after a hard fought match. 

Knockouts Title
Going into this match the main concern was if referee Earl Hebner would call the match fairly considering Rayne’s “crush” on him.  Early on Tessmacher showed great promise to retain, which caused Rayne to leave the ring in an attempt to regroup.  This seemed to help as she was able to return and begin a formidable offense on the champ.  While Tessmacher was able to have a brief comeback, Rayne maintained dominance for some time and nearly got the pin after a scissor stomp.   Tessmacher found an opening that enabled Tessmacher to build up an offense on Rayne.  After a near pin fall that Tessmacher was arguing about, Rayne was able to roll up on Tessmacher and use the ropes for leverage, which Hebner did not see, to pin Tessmacher and get the pin to become the new Knockouts Champion. 

BFG Series Tables Match
The match started with Ray trying to convince Hardy that Storm is behind @TheAcesAnd8s but Robbie E stepped up to Ray to get him to stop but Ray chopped him and all of the men started beating down on Robbie E who then threw him out of the ring.  After taking out Hardy and Storm, Ray convinced Robbie to work with him and get the table, however Robbie E was promptly double crossed by Ray.   After a failed attempt to drive somebody through the table Ray was double teamed and almost thrown through the table but at the last minute the table was moved by Robbie E.  Robbie E managed to gain and maintain control of the match for some time and was stopped by Storm just before he was going to drive Hardy through a table.   Jeff Hardy nearly put Robbie E through the table but was stopped by Robbie T.   After turning things in his favor Robbie E almost put Hardy through the table but at the last second Hardy was able to move out of the way which made Robbie E impale himself on the table.  Ray and Storm meanwhile were in the ring but before Ray was able to put storm though the table @TheAcesAnd8s came in and distracted Ray which allowed Storm to take him out.  After many attempts that were thwarted by other competitors Bully Ray power bombed Jeff Hardy through the table to pick up 20 points in the BFG series.  

X Division Championship
The two competitors locked up then promptly went to exchanging blows and a series of quick movies displaying the agility of the two competitors.   After brining it outside the ring Kenny King turned things around on Ion with an impressive flip off the side of the ring.  The dominance was short lived though as Zema Ion switched it back in his favor with a flip from inside the ring onto King who was on the outside.    Ion continued with his dominance over King breaking out the high flying moves the X Division is known for but this wasn’t enough as King turned it around on Ion and took full control of the match and gave a showing any fan of the X Division would appreciate.   While King had many close near pin falls, Ion was able to reverse King and pick up the pin and the win

BFG Series Ladder Match
Styles kicked things off by beating on Daniels followed by Kurt getting in on the action along with Joe to make it basically three on one.  After getting pushed out of the ring the other three men turned the fight on each other.  The ladder was brought into play by Daniels, but it took some time before it was used in the match.    Daniels’ attempt at the contract was thwarted by Joe who then tried to get the clipboard but was also stopped by Angle.  Before Angle was able to try for the clipboard he was stopped by Styles who took him out and then went to work on Joe and Daniels.  After some back and forth amongst the 4 competitors it seems as though Joe had the upper hand, but Angle cut his offensive short.  AJ Styles seemed to come close and was nearly inches from the clipboard but was stopped by Daniels who then attempted to get the clip board but Angle and Joe stopped him and they proceeded to take turns beating down on Daniels.  Finally Joe and Angle were on the ladder to get the clipboard, Joe was able to knock Angle off the Ladder but instead of him getting the clipboard AJ Styles literally swooped in to climb the ladder and grab the clipboard to pick up the 20 points.

World Heavyweight Championship
Roode kicked things off with an attempt at playing mind games with Aries but was cut short when Aries spit water in his face.  Aries started his offense that actually drove Roode outside of the ring to slow things down.   Roode finally returned to the ring but quickly slipped out again to slow it down and began walking up the ramp to leave but asked for a time out…. Aries was able to remain dominant throughout the first part of the match making it known that he uses aerial assaults to his advantage, but Roode was able to turn things around in his favor despite Aries’ efforts.  After wearing down the Aries, Roode began using submission moves to wear Aries down even more.   Aries was able to turn things back in his favor and unleash an offense on him.  Aries then began with a series of submission attempts that was able to wear down Roode.   After much back and forth and a superplex off the top rope two refs gave a 3 count and both refs declared different winners.  Earl Hebner came out to determine what happened.  After no winner was declared the match was restarted.  Roode was able to use the Belt to knock out an air born Aries and nearly got the three count but he managed to kick out.  After a quick roll up Aries was able to get a 3 count to get the win and retain the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Watch Robbie E fuck up the whole table match by not moving a table out of the way right at the very beginning of the match... I bet he got in a lot of trouble for this from the other 3 and everyone backstage!

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