Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why The Claire Lynch Storyline Came To An End

TNA ended up wrapping up the AJ Styles-Claire Lynch storyline on last night's Impact Wrestling.

Why? Well,the short version of the story is that the actor playing Claire Lynch, quit the company.

The longer version of the story is why she bolted. A number of TNA sources over the last several days confirmed that she gave immediate notice she was quitting after fans online figured out her real name (we are witholding that name for reasons that will be clear as you continue to read) and began bombarding her professional website, and accounts with derogatory and hateful messages about her acting, her character's actions and her character's appearance.

Disgusted by the situation because as a working actor (I do not believe she was signed to a contract by the company) who was still going out on auditions for other roles, she didn't want potential employers and casting directors researching her to come across the hateful scorn, which was described to me as "some of the most classless garbage you'd expect to see, just low rent message board loser stuff." So, she quit the company and immediately turned off all her professional accounts in an attempt to deflect the hatred.

So, the long form answer is that fans who didn't like the storyline harassed her into quitting the promotion.

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