Monday, August 6, 2012

WWE Lost 500 Million Dollars!

With all the building up for the 1,000 episode of Raw, one can't help but think the WWE is doing better than ever. They just added another hour to the show, making Raw 3 hours long. Combine that with Smackdown, and that is 5 hours of WWE wrestling per week, not counting any PPVs... which seem to be just about every other week now lol. With so much quantity now one has to ask what happened to the quality? 

Or is that the million dollar question... or should I say, the 500 million dollar question?

That's right, its been reported now that in the past 2 years the WWE and the McMahon family has lost 500 million dollars! But how can that be? The WWE is doing more PPVS than ever, they just added a 3rd hour to Raw, they just had Raw 1,000 and named new general managers for both Raw and Smackdown. But maybe that is the problem... they are wasting so much money on 5 hours of TV per week, and more PPVs than fans want to see. And what does this all add up to? The same old crap over and over! 

The WWE leaves the Championships on the same wrestlers for months almost a year at a time, with no change or excitement. They have the same matches and feuds last for way too long and they aren't even decent feuds to begin with. Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio... did anyone give a shit about that feud? John Cena vs The Big Show... wow I've never seen that match before lol. And I love this part, if a wrestler is popular they want to take him away from wrestling to go make a shitty move or YouTube show lmao. The Miz just returned from making a movie, and Zack Ryder hasn't been used for much of anything except his YouTube show. At least for The Miz, the day he came back he won a championship, too bad Ryder can't get one. 


Lets just play a quick game, and everyone's opinion will vary, but for argument sake lets just use my picks... but try your own as well... name your top 5 in the WWE...
  • Chris Jericho
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Zack Ryder
  • Ryback
  • Randy Orton
Now take those 5 names and tell me, what Championships do they currently hold? When was the last time they held a Championship? When was the last time they were in a main event? What are they currently doing on Raw, Smackdown, or a PPV? 

Orton just returned from a suspension, and is now feuding with Del Rio.

Ryback is still fighting losers and doesn't even have a match booked for SummerSlam.

Zack Ryder got a small push and hosted Smackdown. Now he back to losing to Damion Sandow. 

Dolph Ziggler is the only exception because he won the Money In The Bank. But has failed to cash it in so far. But now he is in a really good feud with Chris Jericho, or at least they are hinting at one soon. That might actually be good. I can't help but think Ziggler is the next Jericho, so it would be cool. Ziggler was trained by Lance Storm who graduated the Hart Dungeon with Jericho, and was his Tag-Team partner in the Thrillseekrs. Ziggler looks very similar to Jericho and they seem to have similar styles and characters. What a perfect feud... how will today's WWE ruin it?

Lets just face the facts, WWE has wasted more money on failed movies and internet shit than they have put into trying to make the real product WRESTLING any good. 

Santino is still United States Champion but can't win a match. And when was the last time you saw a decent Tag-Team match?


And I'm just gonna throw this in there cus I can't help but think if the WWE really cared about putting on a decent show they would have Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, Kurt Angle, and AJ Styles! Hell they would have had Sting 10 years ago. But they would rather just keep going with the crap they have. 

The fans want DX, NWO, major names like Brock Lesnar, they want cage matches, ladder matches, hardcore matches, they want blood, they don't want PG wrestling and a fucking entertainment company that is more concerned with movies, internet, and ENTERTAINMENT to give us a real wrestling show! 

It's no wonder the WWE stock is dropping, and honestly I think I might just be changing the channel soon. 

As a wrestling company they were #1, but as an entertainment company they aren't even on the list. Ask anyone to name the top 100 movies last year and I don't think a WWE film made the list lmao. And I think if I hear Micheal Cole or any idiot mention twitter, facebook, tweeting, or what the fuck is trending world wide one more time I'm just gonna stop watching! 

Face it, their movies have failed, their network can't even get started, no one cares about their internet shit, everything is falling apart worse than the XFL... does anyone even remember that stupid football league Vince started? How about his body building company? I just don' get it, if you are good at one thing be happy and keep doing it, don't let it fall apart while you try to get 10 other things you have no business doing started. My advice, Vince just step down and retire. Scrap the movies, scrap the network, and scrap Linda's political career lmao, and just hand the company over to Triple H or Shane and let them run it as a wrestling company again. Who knows, maybe you might actually starting making money again instead of losing it by the hundred of millions of dollars!

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